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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Tell you what, alcaponedudu! I've been up all night and was getting ready to log out,
    when I saw you had a new reply, so I'm looking, but I'm not taking it any further.
    That's because I also have plans about finally making the video I started talking about here.
    I woke up around three and it's after nine, and I'm getting ready to go out.

    A strange but busy weekend, and the final fading of my inferno astral... yeah...
    has left me feeling like a new man, even if it's going to take a lot of work to be the new me.
    It didn't melt the ice and snow, but it felt warm for the last three days.
    I was the only one out there at night, walking on the recreational trails along the canal,
    walking on the ski-doo hard-pack through the fields, following animal tracks in the snow,
    breathing all that fresh and cold northern air... and there I was, looking around at my new world.
    Someone put a video of an interview with me about Welland politics on Facebook,
    and someone sent me a link to see it, another look at myself that changed my mind about me.
    That was part of the strangeness.
    If I'm going to hear a new song by you, I want to do it all the way.
    I really can't imagine what it's going to be.

    This is over a year old, when I was made to be messed up in my apartment,
    with poisons and drugs in my food, and I've lost a lot of weight since then.
    Putting this up should help me get making another video.
    I was walking back to my apartment after a hike along the canal when this man got me.
    He's part of an artistic and political collective called "BLX" after "The Black Lantern Experience",
    a Chinese restaurant where they all met. For a group of very young guys, we get along.
    It hurts. Don't get me wrong. It still hurts.
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