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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I'm just here to see if you were here, a little to late at night, not even having something to eat yet.
    This sympatico we have is growing.
    I was at a guitar rehearsal and decided to stop in at the library on the way back.
    There were two younger men sitting there, joking around, having a good time,
    not like the locals around here. I was looking at their skin and hair and had to go over.
    I introduced myself, saying some Gaelic, saying I'm not English or American,
    and thought they were Guatemalan or Chilean... and right away they said they were from Brasil.
    We got talking, and one man had a Brasil shirt on, so I said I thought you spelled Brasil as Brazil.
    They explained they were seeing it both ways, but liked Brasil better.

    I've got a Cree native who wants to buy my cherry Strat, after I take my pickups off and put back the originals,
    and change it back to being right-handed.
    I'm thinking of doing that so it pressures me to finish my semi-solid-bodies and my mail-order lefty.
    It's rotting my socks a little, wanting to get into it with your new recordings, but I want to get it together too.

    I had to phone the police again, being robbed when the store was open by a criminal I complained about before.
    The officer got the item back and gave me an incident number, but more should have happened.
    The building owner told me he served him with an eviction notice, so it should settle down here.

    You never heard about Fabio Rosa? I not only heard about him, you saw the scan of his CD that I have.
    The way YouTube videos have been going, I'm starting to think you're not a normal Brasilian human.
    You might be one of those fifteen foot tall red-haired giants living in caves, hiding from ordinary mankind.
    They're starting to dig them out of graves around Nevada, with American soldiers killing them in caves at Kandahar.
    My life isn't that exciting, except for some of the riffs I played today.
    I'm not carrying my guitar outside in this weather, I'm using a really nice Gibson S.G.

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    Hello my dear friend. Sorry for being away such a long time. But things really speed up a bit around here. I mean, I'm fine and all that is just usual daily stuff.

    Have you had the chance to listen to my new song ''Nocturnal''? I would like to know your take on this song.

    I'm sorry to hear about this robbery. That's horrible, man. I hope you're ok now.

    Tell me about your guitar work. How is it coming? Looking foward to see it.

    We're getting closer to the biggest holiday in Brazil this weekend, carnaval. Everybdy is just excited as hell. I'm not very into it though.

    I'm not a cave man! hahaha You just kills me, John.

    Have a good wekkend, my friend. I'll be out this couple of days but will get back soon. Take care!

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! Please don't think I'm pulling back from our friendship here.
    I could type a chapter of a book if I got going, but I'll describe it this way.
    I had an appointment with our local Member of Parliament this afternoon.
    They're trying to help me with the federal government and my income tax and benefits,
    that got interfered with a couple of years ago before I was homeless the last time.
    I won't go into that. Not here.
    I'm showing you the card of his parliamentary assistant and a Niagara Regional Police card.
    You can see the date of my appointment is the date I typed this reply, to be real with you.
    You can see the officer who attended my complaint gave me an incident number. I didn't ask for it.
    An incident number means the officer is passing on my complaint and the evidence she saw,
    to a detective for further action.
    Vance Badaweys' father was a sign-painting customer of mine in Port Colborne in the nineties.
    If you go down Elm Street and see his big warehouse, a supplier of food and equipment for lake boats,
    the big, three-dimensional white plastic letters that make up his name were supplied and installed by me.
    That boat reference is nice.
    So is the painting of the Titantic I used as a background.
    In the M.P.s office, I was warned to leave Welland for my own safety.
    But that's okay. They always say that.
    And guess what? I was on time. They put a conference call on hold when I showed up.

    My online reluctance about making more videos of me playing guitar, and I should be singing,
    is something I tried to explain before and I've got more of an explanation now.
    In Scotland, there is grass that is considered to take 300 years to cultivate properly.
    When a Scotsman invented carbonated water, now called soda pop, or pop, or the fizz to whizz,
    he aged it in oak casks for seven years and called it Vernors.
    A big lyric in many Scottish songs is "I could wait a thousand years now".
    I have the same patience and cautious attitude. Here's my biggest example.

    When I was starting out as a lead guitarist playing in bar bands, a way to get out of Welland at the time,
    I thought I was getting paid the funny money right away and was busy enough as an entertainer.
    Of course, being a musician who got bookings through agents and managers,
    meant I was filling in and playing with bands with a big gig who wanted me on lead guitar to help out.
    That's not being in a band where everyone is putting their heads together as a band.
    I decided not to play anyone any of my original songs and save them until I get too old,
    thinking I can start singing those and if anyone wanted to record one I might hit it big,
    or at least be making it with other musicians instead of doing nothing at all.

    When I write a song I'll sing other songs I like to get me going,
    and then I'll sing my song and see how it feels as part of that set.
    I always like my song and think it's right up there if not better than the others.
    Is this me trying to pump myself up with you, or am I trying to seem like I'm up there with you.
    I know I'm not. I've got to get it together.
    I went to a local NAPA store, a big warehouse store for automotive parts and tools.
    My friend had to show me their catalogue because I couldn't believe they didn't sell soldering guns.
    He's saying people aren't doing it themselves like they used to,
    because modern offshore electronics are less expensive than doing it yourself.

    I felt light on my feet today and was singing out loud a little as I walked down streets.
    I got humming along with a young man at the library who said he used to play in bands.
    Don't write any sad songs about me, not just yet.

    Delicious Grace-cards-2-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Oh! I could have used any number of paintings from this really nice book, big too.
    But I know me. Just like onstage, I'm not going to slowly drift to the bottom of the water,
    I'll be doing a big crash and burn and put on a light show as I go under.
    oh....oh.... should I type the deck was stacked against me?
    You can push me under if you want to.
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    Hello John. It's always to hear from you. I'm sorry though about those circumstances. I wish you were better off. I kind of miss our weekly conversation, man. This forum is not the same without you.

    I didn't quite get why you're not playing anymore. I think this is something you should never get rid of. You're an artist.

    How is your health going?

    Please tell us something good, positive. You're a bright guy going through some darkness. That's all.

    Next month I'm getting a new demo out. Really looking foward to it. Maybe you will not understand why I'm writing about this particular subject. Let's wait and see.

    Hope to hear from you very soon. Take care, my friend.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu, I have gotten through the worst and I'm started to emerge,
    if that can be the answer for your questions, when I'm too self-conscious to describe details.

    Thanks for saying I'm a bright guy. My nick-name as a youth was watt-bulb or light-bulb,
    because everyone always thought I had the good ideas.
    Those names are a reference to cartoons where when you had an idea a light-bulb appeared over your head.

    Here's something for you, and I hope you don't mind, but I have to reorient my mind, and I like that.
    I'm going to start calling you just Eduardo. That's your real name and I've never been hot on alcaponedudu.
    As a matter of fact, I'm going to look for this Al Capone video I saw and post it here, and you might think I've got a good idea.
    You really should be using your real name because a user name hides your true identity,
    and as I say when people ask me why I use my real name and tell my email address,
    how can you become famous or make deals if you're not using your real name. That works for me.

    When I read that you're getting a new demo out I thought yeah... you're still moving on up the musical ladder.
    I still haven't listened to your latest song here, and believe me, I haven't even tried to make another video.

    I'm not just picking on you about Al Capone. He's local for me as a rum-runner.
    When alcohol was illegal in America it was Canadian distilleries that concocted the booze they used,
    and here in the Niagara Peninsula, his rum-running boats went from Fort Erie to Buffalo and Chicago.
    I always joke about finding a box with cash that was tossed overboard while being chased or was lost during a storm.

    More than just music and art, I have to look at my life and think when am I going to start living again?
    And you are right. Let's wait and see, before I start writing a song "about this particular subject".

    Eduardo. You know what I've been saying about Welland and drugs and criminals.
    Last week, just three store doors down the street, a four month old child was found dead behind a door.
    It was a side door to a bar from a parking lot, abandoned late at night. I still haven't walked past.
    When I talked with a couple of meth-heads, they were saying it's going to give King Street a worse reputation.

    I think I'm going to look at a video of the coast of Brazil tonight, and watch the waves roll onto the shore.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Someone has to put this up here.

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    Jan 2018
    Hello my dear friend John. How are you doing lately?

    The Alcapone goes back a long time. I started using this nickname when I was a teenager haha. Can you believe that? I was very into gangster movies and all that. It really fascinated me bach then. After that, it kind of became my name online. Everybody knew me by this name. I like the sound of it more than the person itself though.

    Don't get me wrong: I do not support their actions, I'm talking about the gangsters in real life. It was more about the romance involving their stories in movies and literature basically.

    What a cute couple: Bolsonaro and Trump!

    I will not contaminate our cheerful conversation by starting to talk about people that is just not worth talking.

    I don't know your political point of view but I respect whatever it is.

    Let's talk about music instead...

    What have you been listening to lately?

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    My political views is that politics exist and it isn't a very humanitarian situation out there.
    I'm here just so you know I can still be here.
    I had a band practice today, two and a half hours of playing with another tomorrow.
    I'm using an older guitar from someone else but at least I got playing again.
    That's what I want to do, play my guitar and sing. I've been singing a lot lately, feeling really good.

    I've got so many ideas for my guitar playing when I play along with your videos...
    and it's something I can see happening, when I got down about it before.
    I'm still down about the technology, but this band wants to make a video, so I'll get into it.

    You say you don't want to contaminate our cheerful discussion,
    and here, I say I don't want to pollute your mind with American politics.

    You must be younger than me if Al Capone is a gangster you got into, not Scarface.
    That might sound out of order, but Scarface started a trend to gangster movies,
    and gangster documentaries, when I saw him the most.

    It was my birthday, this May the 1st. I was a month overdue and was born of natural childbirth.
    I hafta say that for my mother.
    So far, I have only told ten people and got ten happy birthdays, some giving me gifts of birthday food,
    what I've been talking about, saying I'm having my birthday by myself.
    That's okay, because it was important for us as much as New Years or Christmas,
    as far as our lives on earth.
    Here in Canada, my parents never told us their birthdays, and wouldn't take gifts.
    So, because it was my birthday and I wanted to take a professional approach to modern music,
    I went to the library and copied out the list of the ten best new artists from Rolling Stone,
    and listened to each one. That's about getting into the modern style and new songs.
    That didn't work out.
    Rolling Stone is obviously looking for a new version of someone who is making it big online,
    or someone else who is the same but has a different skin colour and music community behind them.
    I didn't one song I would want to do.
    A very old funk group has a new song out about white political fascism in the United States,
    and they had a good groove happening, but it's not a song one singer can sing.
    Rolling Stone made them number ten, me thinking it's a nod to the old bands of the past.

    Eduardo, you classy classy man! Please watch out for future font from me.
    I've been getting too many wants for conversations with me to have much sex with too beautiful and too young Russian prostitutes,
    who are just waiting in my city to have sex with me any time I want to,
    and it's starting to influence the way you would want talks with me about the visit from me to you in my city.
    I'm really not into that. I like my music to come... no... no... I won't type that... no... no... uh... oh no...
    oh... I'm starting to heavy breathe a little like I do when I'm getting excited in a song...
    the stress of playing guitar and trying to sing along... oh... oh... it's coming together...

    Life has inspired something new in my life, and everyone says it's an original.

    I have a new handshake. This isn't a traditional handshake, bump, pump, motions or high five.
    I hold one of my hands up, facing the other person flat, about shoulder level.
    I ask them to put their hand up against mine,
    and say can you see our hands together as one person would be in prayer.
    Everyone says yes.
    That's so nice, not shaking, bumping, pumping or making motions as secret handshakes,
    being calm, being at rest, as if we are sharing the same prayer, before someone starts to use words.
    I don't start saying a prayer even if some others do, I just say "we share the same prayer".
    Everyone understands that. I know I share the same prayer with you.

    I'm getting it together and I'll be better than ever. It's my birthday and I'll dream if I want to.

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