I'm just here to see if you were here, a little to late at night, not even having something to eat yet.
This sympatico we have is growing.
I was at a guitar rehearsal and decided to stop in at the library on the way back.
There were two younger men sitting there, joking around, having a good time,
not like the locals around here. I was looking at their skin and hair and had to go over.
I introduced myself, saying some Gaelic, saying I'm not English or American,
and thought they were Guatemalan or Chilean... and right away they said they were from Brasil.
We got talking, and one man had a Brasil shirt on, so I said I thought you spelled Brasil as Brazil.
They explained they were seeing it both ways, but liked Brasil better.

I've got a Cree native who wants to buy my cherry Strat, after I take my pickups off and put back the originals,
and change it back to being right-handed.
I'm thinking of doing that so it pressures me to finish my semi-solid-bodies and my mail-order lefty.
It's rotting my socks a little, wanting to get into it with your new recordings, but I want to get it together too.

I had to phone the police again, being robbed when the store was open by a criminal I complained about before.
The officer got the item back and gave me an incident number, but more should have happened.
The building owner told me he served him with an eviction notice, so it should settle down here.

You never heard about Fabio Rosa? I not only heard about him, you saw the scan of his CD that I have.
The way YouTube videos have been going, I'm starting to think you're not a normal Brasilian human.
You might be one of those fifteen foot tall red-haired giants living in caves, hiding from ordinary mankind.
They're starting to dig them out of graves around Nevada, with American soldiers killing them in caves at Kandahar.
My life isn't that exciting, except for some of the riffs I played today.
I'm not carrying my guitar outside in this weather, I'm using a really nice Gibson S.G.