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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! No, I haven't heard any new Brazilian news for a couple of weeks.
    Ontario is getting to the end of a provincial election, the vote being almost two weeks away.
    News about hockey and basketball finals and the royal wedding also takes up a lot of space.
    The Liberal government is seen as imploding, elected politicians retiring before the election,
    new Liberal candidates not putting Liberal on their signs, the government promising anything and everything.
    They are described as borrowing money from Americans to lower hydro rates before the election.
    The Conservatives, the other governing party, taken over by a new Toronto politician,
    are also seen as imploding. Their campaign is the first to not feature a tour bus for reporters.
    Yesterday, videos were put up online showing this candidate giving away party memberships,
    saying he'd pay for them if these people signed them. That's against electoral laws.
    He's been saying prices for hydro and gasoline will come down even lower if he's elected.
    New polls show Ontarios' third party, the NDP, New Democratic Party, are now ahead.
    Ontario voters now see Conservatives and Liberals as being the same as run by Toronto people,
    working with Americans, and are going to give the NDP a chance. Will it change things? I don't know.
    All the Conservative You Tube advertising features an American hip-hop song in the background.
    Conservative advertising talks about the candidates' father and how their wealth comes from a Toronto factory.
    But the candidate built his factory in the United States and is more of an American businessman than Canadian.
    His brother was the mayor of Toronto, but lost that, seen as a meth head, involved with drug dealers,
    being an alcoholic, parking in malls to drink a bottle, and bringing prostitutes into the mayors office.
    The Conservative party fell apart months ago, leaders being accused of sexual misconduct and quitting,
    and this Toronto candidate is seen as buying his nomination as leader.
    You can definitely call that "chaos and shame".
    When I say being like Americans,
    let me remind you that Mayor Marion Berry of Washington D.C. was arrested,
    after being found in a motel room with meth and a prostitute.

    After he served a jail term he came out and was re-elected.

    I hope the people of your country can persevere and bring the change they deserve.
    Everyone needs to feel free, and all countries should be responsible with tax dollars.

    I took my computer in yesterday and got that fixed up... a nice deal for me, saving money.
    Now I've got the sound output at the back working, to plug in my powered bass speaker system.
    That was my last excuse for not being able to play your video and record to it.
    I was visiting with the repairman while he worked on it, who makes electronica recordings,
    and when I told him that I've got free high-speed unlimited online he said plug my DVD player into the modem.
    I found a left-over apartment building cord here in the basement to do that for free.

    Nothing can illustrate this change in technology for me better than this photo.
    It symbolizes my restored computer sound, my new cherry Strat guitar, and online big screen.
    You shouldn't be surprised that Frederik Magle made the first appearance here.
    How he managed to play his organ and get my guitar into it, I'll never know.
    I played his piece "Homecoming", and I hope that describes my new attitude and redefined apartment.

    Delicious Grace-big-screen-jpg
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    Hi John. Sorry about the current situation of your country too. There's no such way to compare bad people. They are as just as bad. Actually I'm fed up with politics and politicians. I know our modern society needs them but come on they're specialized in making sh*t. That's why I had to write otherwise there wouldn't be a way to escape this whole mess. But that's it for now! I don't want to contaminate our great conversation with such an unpleasant subject.

    I'm glad you could get you computer fixed. But what really got me curious was this big screen. I mean is it a big screen with a projector or something? Looks cool.

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    John, how are you my friend? Is it everything ok over there? I'm a little bit worried because I haven't heard of you in a while. Hope you're just fine.

    This past week I went into a ''writing mode'' and I could finish three more songs. That's a record for myself. It wasn't planned though.

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