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Thread: Delicious Grace

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    oh... yes... I can understand you saying virgin land, but it's a new heaven opening up for both of us.
    Music isn't just the language of angels, it's in the hearts of those who have the heart to share it.

    What's going to happen with the name and band AC/DC, keeping it going to cash in,
    might be a good reason to keep the party going for fans, but I doubt serious listeners will follow.
    It's going to sound good for a while, but the new songs aren't going to be up there.
    I still haven't seen or heard any Axl Rose AC/DC.

    I know what I was going to type to you, just about what happened today.
    I was invited to an annual picnic for a big social services agency, in Port Colborne and Welland.
    They used to get vans to take clients to a park in Port Colborne by the lake,
    and get banquet food from the Blue Star, famous for their big pieces of chicken.
    They also had bushels of peaches and other fruit and vegetables.
    This year, because of cut-backs, they used a Welland park you had to get to on your own.

    Two different people, very poor and struggling, with their lives and sense of self,
    came over to me and asked if I wanted one of their three pizza slice tickets.
    A recording artist from St. Catharines who does music for children,
    and teaches music and drama in a school, came over to encourage me.
    She was laughing as only a chubby woman from Polynesia can laugh.
    A young produce worker I never talked with before in No Frills,
    said he could put some black cherries in a bag with a 50% off sticker.
    A man from Port Burwell who moved to Welland talked with me and offered me a ride home,
    because it was raining.
    I said I enjoyed talking with him, making a new friend,
    but if I took a ride he might think I'm just being friendly the next time to get a ride,
    saying I wanted to keep things mutual. He looked me in the eyes and shook my hand.
    His father used to run a big dance hall along the lake that was big time back then.
    I also climbed the big sand hill, the side of a huge glacial deposit kame, in Port Burwell.
    Believe me, if you share that you've shared a lot.
    When you climb up the hill, looking like it's almost straight up, with warning signs all over,
    using whatever is growing to pull yourself up with at the end,
    when you get up to the tip of it, you are looking over and straight down,
    seeing five feet of stones between the sand and water, higher than Niagara Falls.
    It's the only glacial deposit remnant like that in the world.
    Every year someone dies when the tip is loose and they slide over.

    I'm going to be playing along with your video tonight, and I hope it's good enough to record.
    You can say Axl Rose, I can say Delicious Grace, but here's a singer I used to harmonize with.
    An agent said you should pick up this gig with this family band that's starting to pull in the money,
    after Elvis died. Here's 3:06 of your life, what was eight months of mine in 1979.
    And I'm going to be singing with you. Here's a photo from back then. That's me on the far right.
    I just got back from going for a hike outside, wearing a cross country ski jacket.
    If I'm showing my face, you know my music is coming in second place.
    Hey! Having a Beatle cut in an Elvis band was hot! I did one song Jimi Hendrix style.
    The band did a show set, Selvis did his, and the band did another show set,
    unless it was a concert. One night, minimum $5,500.

    Delicious Grace-selvis1-jpg
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    Hello John. How was your weekend?

    Though I do not agree with your take on the current situation of ACDC, I do respect your opinion. I don't see it as solely as a money grab thing. I think these guys are doing the only thing they have ever done in their entire life: play and carry the name ACDC along. The last album they did ''Rock Or Bust'' is a traditional ACDC record. The title track is already a classic for me. So nothing changed except the line-up duo the circumstances of life. Let me put this way.

    I'm in the team for rock n' rollers can age and keep playing. They are not to blame if life was fortunate enough for them to be at 60, 70 or 80 and still be able to play make a living out of it. I don't really care.

    Nice! I'm a big Elvis fan. You really are a ''box full of surprises'' (Brazilian expression. Don't know if it makes sense in english).

    Elvis had such a unique voice and approach. I don't know if you have heard but I recommend for everybody this album: Elvis and the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra. I spent a couple of months listening to it like non-stop. Those songs transported me to places I had never been to. That's the magic of Elvis.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Am I ever glad I looked, just getting in, because I'm going to be bizzy bizzy bizzy.

    It's strange for me, as an older man, being asked to play classic rock.
    That was all about the sex and drugs and rock and roll, with a big emphasis on being a stud.
    Now, none of those ever mattered to me as far as being a musician,
    but senior players need a new motivation for wanting to get up onstage,
    especially if they are retired and as they say, don't need the money.

    What I want to comment on the most is you saying "box full of surprises".
    It's been a big saying around here, "thinking outside the box", or being "stuck inside the box".
    I like being a box full of surprises, even if I'm more of a carrying case, no... not a head case.

    A lot of that Elvis magic came from hiring some of the best session players around.
    He was using players who were doing his movie soundtracks,
    and hiring huge choirs, or what you got into, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
    Somehow, when Deep Purple played with a symphony it just didn't do it for me.
    With the keyboard and synth players I was working with we sounded like an orchestra.

    Here's a little know Elvis fact. He is said to be singing "black music" as a white man.
    They say he hung around, inside or outside, gospel churches and nightclubs.
    Who was the blues radio DJ who worked and lived in the same town as Elvis?
    B.B. King. He saw the talent and helped him out, or Elvis might have been country rockabilly.

    I'm thinking about what you're saying about AC/DC and you have a point.
    I was looking at them from the top down, the original singer, the original guitarist and songwriter,
    but as a band and business, and with all the world-wide fan support, they have a genuine career.
    As far as saying it's okay to keep the party going, that's what their concerts were and what fans did,
    so keeping the party going is reason enough to get back up onstage.

    Everything that's been happening to mess my life up on purpose, and this building, is fading away.
    I should be moving my bass powered computer speakers into this room later on,
    and try to record. I feel ready, after jamming along a few times already.

    I sold a painting as I was coming back here, a social worker seeing me in a parking lot.
    That's why I went shopping at No Frills, catching more 50% off stickers.
    They didn't sell enough fruits and vegetables and baked goods last week,
    so they put the ripe stuff on sale on the shelves with the new deliveries beside them.

    I don't have a cape or sequins,
    and I hardly memorize words at all,
    I still play guitar up-side down,
    and I'm singing over it all,
    you'll never know, the joy of feedback,
    if you insist on being acoustic,
    and it's the wonder.... do do do do...
    wonderful John Watt

    he thinks he can put up his own video,
    even if he's coming far from Brazil,
    he talks about his guitar and his piano,
    and the partner he's song-writing with,
    but he'll never know, how new airplay feels,
    as long as he's an end user,
    that's the plunder, do do do do,
    the plundering of Eduardo.

    You have to admit, those are two extreme verses.

    Let me explain the photo.
    Wayne, the new drummer with a big Russian borzoi or something like that,
    came to the celebration party in the back yard of Corrado, the father, third from left.
    The dog made a bee-line for the big pet rabbits in cages in the corner, killing two.
    Jayne, the sister and back-up female singer, fell on the grass crying and sobbing.
    Sal is squeezing her neck to make her say "nuff nuff", the sound I said the rabbits made.
    That's Wayne looking down at her, already in love, and already on the way out.

    I was in the band for the first two weeks, both six-nighters, learning the songs.
    Give me two weeks in any band, and I'll start dancing around and singing all the time.
    I can sing less loud and not move my mouth much, especially doing back-up.
    I started harmonizing with Sal or singing an octave higher, like dubbing in another vocal track.
    Sal would be looking like a deer caught in the headlights, looking back, looking around,
    but not seeing who was singing.
    Corrado got up on stage during a rehearsal for a new bassist. He said "Who's singing",
    and he was always operatic. He asked again, and then asked each member of the band.
    I was last and admitted it. He took me into board room, the mixing board room that is.
    He said that the two vocals made the band unique, and he wanted me to keep doing it.
    He also said that if I'm going to be singing with Sal, I can't sing songs during the band sets.
    I also had to stay behind my microphone stand when Sal was on.
    All that was fine by me, singing back-up as much as I could and letting my guitar come first.
    "Fuzzy" a lead guitarist-vocalist was hired to be a singing guitarist for the show sets,
    but he was told he couldn't play lead because I was there. He's second on the left.

    My new sign-making customer, a man born in Portugal now living in Toronto.
    A new friend working in my corner store, from Columbia.
    Why are we still just online friends? You know you have an invitation.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I'm working, not sherking,
    even if friends are saying the waves at Sherkston Beach are over six feet,
    and it looks like the ocean. If I bike-hiked straight there, it's a two hour ride.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario

    I'm changing my portable office and bass powered speaker system,
    and practicing playing guitar. I stayed in tonight, on a beautiful night...
    People are talking about priorities, when I just want to play guitar.
    I was interviewed for a live stream news thing, as I walked downtown today.
    And I made a new friend, a Cree native, always nice to share some ancestry,
    with someone else who has some. That's not easy to say or talk about.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I just noticed that three previous posts have the same posting number.
    When this domain went down during the rebuild, like most others,
    I lost a lot of posts or I'd be over 3,000 now.
    The more you post the more photos you can use.
    I don't want to lose that.

    I'm editing to say I looked and there are five with 2,808.
    If I thought the admins weren't looking,
    I'd get into some 40hz comments.
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    Hello John. Thanks for the invitation. It would be a pleasure to meet you in person some day. And would be awesome aswell to visit your country.

    Nice observation you made about Elvis getting the best musicians around to create that ''magic''. Yes, I agree with you but there's something else. There's an element that only Elvis could bring to the table and if I knew what it was I'd be a millionaire by now. He had an amazing voice that could transport you to the exactly place or theme he would be singin about.

    I think I haven't told you about a song I wrote about Elvis. There's a line where I compare his singing to ''walking in a velvet room''. I don't know why but this is one of the very first things that come to mind when I think about him. I guess his pipes was covered in velvet. That must be it. Or could it be his elegance? I could spend a whole day talking about Elvis. He only brings joy to my ears. You will hear this song one day. This song has elements of horns, big band stuff. I tried to emulate with the resources I have today. But the song is much bigger than I can do right now. Really proud of it.

    Nice to know you're such a good singer. It would be a pleasure to listen to it any day you want.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu, Eduardo, please, hear me out.
    Having illegal business to deal with in a courthouse in St. Catharines, when I only have doubts,
    I took my cherry Strat and portable amp with me, even playing guitar on the bus on the way there.
    That's when I realized that I always carried my Stratocaster with me, even hitch-hiking to St. Catharines.
    What happened outside the courthouse, getting to sing and play with a man and a woman with beautiful guitars,
    having encounters with strangers about my guitar and how I played it, snapped me out of my modern tech avoidance.
    This portable amp paid for itself today.
    I'm not looking at your new thread, almost as much to punish myself, as to not distract me from this one.

    I just built a new page for "my new Niagara Falls telephone friend", who works for the Police.
    Now I'm hot to work on a video for you.

    You might not think of Fred Astaire as a singer, but he was the biggest seller before Elvis.
    Many famous composers wrote songs for him, hoping he would sing them.
    I see his popularity as coming from the same place that Elvis did.
    What did these great composers say about the way Fred Astaire sang?
    They said he sang the song in a way that let the song speak for itself,
    not jazzing up the melody, letting the song tell the story.
    I see Elvis that way.
    However, I do see Elvis as having one big drawback. He had uncontrolled vibrato,
    always holding notes with it, not using no vibrato or variations in between.

    My fingers are getting into it all the way, my guitar feeling almost too easy to play.
    I've been working three jobs, doing signs, painting an apartment and painting inside this store.
    I feel tired now, late at night, but I know I have it in me.
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    Hi John. Sorry for taking too long to answer you. We had a big holiday here in Brazil. Independence day.

    I didn't think of Fred Astaire that way you told me. But I will definitely check it out. He was always ''a very good dancer'' for me.

    About the other thread I created is because I did not want to mix with this one. The other song is really about Elvis. Very specific subject. Our conversation about him encouraged me to post it. Hope you will like it.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! I've got some recent events to tell you about, the political and criminal,
    but I want to start by commenting on your comments.
    And please, you don't have to apologize to me, unless you are apologizing about having a life.

    I grew up watching Fred Astaire movies, all black and white, and don't watch them now.
    He was a vaudeville performer with his sister as his partner, and had a very long career.
    I think he was in his seventies when he was acting on TV, playing the father in "It takes a thief".

    As soon as I heard your Elvis tribute I thought of what kind of guitar playing I would do.
    He always started his show with "C.C. Rider" or another song that had the same guitar playing.
    That was hitting a G chord, moving it up one fret and then working a rhythm on A.
    That's what I would add to your song.
    Thank you, thank you very much, for dedicating that thread to me.

    Can you dig this? I went to Niagara Falls to create an international incident.
    I can say international because of all the people from all over the world who take photos of the Falls,
    even though I was just looking to make news here in the Niagara Peninsula.
    I dressed up in Royal Buchanan and Royal Stuart tartan from head to toe.
    I made a professional sign, using a sheet of soft white plastic and black vinyl letters.
    It's over three feet tall and two feet wide. "Enforce Ontario Justice in Welland".

    I first began walking in the water above Niagara Falls when I was a teenager.
    I had a friend piss over the Falls, but I would never do that.
    After midnight, when the most water is used by American and Canadian hydro,
    the water isn't even half-way up to my knees, maybe ten inches deep.
    If you can visualize the wall at Table Rock, where you look down where the water Falls,
    and go left across the Falls, you will see, about 120 feet out, a higher rock ridge, about a foot tall.
    That's on the left of the island, and that's as far as I have walked.
    I don't want to try stepping over something in the dark that I can't see.
    The rock along the sides of the island is worn into such a deep, smooth groove,
    you can't step up onto it without someone else helping you.
    If you go to the top of the island it's much easier.
    That was my plan. Stand in the water above Niagara Falls and hold up my sign.
    Showing any Royal Tartan is a call to arms. It works that way for me.

    A young couple from Poland were travelling around, so I offered them $20,
    if they would had out the statements I made to go with the sign.
    It said I knew I was trespassing and would be happy to pay the fine.
    I also described what the sign meant and why I was doing it.
    I listed ten different news agencies, suggesting people with photos or videos try to sell them.
    I also had my domain and email address there, hoping to get copies.

    I took off my shoes and socks, putting them in a gray plastic bag for safekeeping.
    That was about leaving them behind the rock wall where no-one could see them.
    I pulled my pant legs up over my knees to my waist, and used safety pins to hold them.
    What was inconvenient was the misty rain, coming back from the face of the Falls,
    not blowing down the river or to other side. Wearing wool, I was getting wet.
    It's easy, the way the rock is, and from locals climbing down along the rock wall.
    As soon as I got around and down to the surface of the water I knew I couldn't do it.
    The water was higher than my knees and at this time of the year, I saw green algae on the rocks.
    I put one leg in the water, up to over my knees, and it was too slippery.
    I might have been able to stand, but the pressure was so strong I would have been swept along,
    and there was no chance I could walk back. It did feel amazing.
    No-one on the Canadian side could see me, so I took my time, looking around.

    Before I went doen to the Falls, I stopped in a Niagara Parks store to get some Halls.
    I was travelling, so I was trying not to drink so I didn't have to go to the bathroom.
    I was talking with an elderly woman who was buying a photo, and the clerk didn't like me.
    She phoned the police, saying a man dressed like a clown was going to create a problem.
    I think she didn't like the way the elderly woman ignored her and talked with me,
    and, as a device user, was just trying to dramatize her own life.

    That's why police walked along the sidewalk looking for a man dressed like a clown.
    They were surprised when I came up the side, away from the river and said hello officers.
    They both reached over, helping me over the railing, and were suprised when I said step back,
    and hopped over it, landing on the sidewalk in my bare feet.
    When the middle-aged male and female officer started to question me,
    I said wait, why just talk with me when I have evidence about my intentions,
    saying I left a folder with fifty statements I wanted to hand out. They got wet too.
    They weren't there. We walked twenty feet and I said they should have been there.
    And then a young man came over, saying were you looking for these?
    The police read the statements and agreed with me, saying they didn't want to arrest me.
    The officers also said that Niagara Parks, with a police force older than the City of Niagara Falls,
    passed a new law after the last wire-walker did his stunt over three years ago.
    it's not just trespassing any more, called stunting, with an automatic $10,000 fine or jail time.
    Their supervisor came over, and he agreed with me about my protest and the criminals in Welland.
    They had problems with them.
    He said I have an option. I can be arrested or go to a hospital for a psychiatric assessment,
    and there wouldn't be any police charges against me.

    That's where I am right now, in a hospital in St. Catharines waiting to see a doctor.
    I've been waiting two days, yeah... hospitals in Ontario. I feel like a customer.

    You celebrate what could be seen as a false independence day,
    while I'm staying in a hospital for false reasons.
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    Wow, John! What a great story. I was worried though about what they are going to do with you in this ''treatment''. You should be careful, my friend.

    There was a funny thing reading you talk about the Niagara Falls. Last saturday I watched a movie called ''Vegeance''. The most famous actor is Nicholas Cage. This film takes place in the Niagara Falls. But I guess it's on the US side. You should check it out. I liked it. There's too much violence though. I don't know if you need that right now.

    About the Elvis' thread... it was a pleasure dedicating it to you. You played a very important role in my decision to post it.

    Life goes on, John. Thank God. Writing a lot. Right now, I'm working on three diferent songs. It's crazy but fun aswell. The good part is that I'm doing all of it because I want to. It has become a big part in my life ever since I wrote ''On My Way To You''.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    alcaponedudu! It's after supper here and everyone must be back in their rooms, I'm alone.
    This hospital was founded in corruption. They closed down hospitals in Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls and Port Colborne.
    This hospital was originally called "the mid-peninsula hospital", but it's not, built in St. Catharines on the Hamilton side.
    I am lucky in one way. When you are prescribed medications here, you can refuse them.
    Any other hospital, if you don't voluntarily take them, will strap you down and inject them.
    I was signed in for three days, now I'm signed in for what could be 24. Nurses are now upset at my detention.
    I did three cross-word puzzles in one day, everyone saying I'm focussed and very fast.
    Last night, being alone after ten, I started singing to myself in the big lunch room while I did a jig-saw.
    That was good for me, jamming out some tunes, not singing words, just working the notes.

    In many ways I don't care if I don't succeed as long as I feel I tried my best.
    When I was singing I was thinking of you and sang "Girl From Ipanema", Stan Getz style.
    I can ask for two 114ml packages of cranberry drink any time I want to.
    They serve apple or prune juice for meals. I must have drank ten cups yesterday.
    My electrolyte levels must be ready to operate a remote without a battery.
    Oh! My blood oxygen level, my description, was tested with some new technology.
    This showed how efficient your circulation system is. I tested 99% positive. That impressed the nurse.

    I did three crossword puzzles yesterday, one 500 pieces and the other two 300 pieces.
    I just finished a tiger puzzle with 500 pieces.

    As a professional, I'm used to singing classical rock and new wave and some country.
    When I say some country, a country singer would ask me to learn a couple of songs,
    slow songs, to give him a break if he asked, or to do a song and then introduce him.
    Last night, I was singing softer and getting more jazzy or Mozartissimo with it, just not operatic.

    There's a movie with a female actress who plays a military operative who forgets who she is.
    She moves back home in the winter and other military men come after her to kill her.
    She ends up in a transport truck trying to go over the Niagara River at Fort Erie.
    That's very realistic. I don't know the movie you mentioned.
    If you want to see Niagara Falls and Chippewa like they used to be, most of it,
    you should see "Niagara" starring Marilyn Monroe.
    If you're a fan you can see where she was and go to the same places.

    I phoned the biggest law firm in the Niagara Peninsula, in St. Catharines,
    and talked with a lawyer I spoke with last year, now wanting to sue for improper detention.
    The psychologist didn't talk to me for more than two minues, using previous records.
    I was put in the psychiatric wing of the Welland hospital in 1985 so I could go to mayoral debates.
    Johnny Carson talked about Welland twice that week, after the mayor and a priest were arrested together.
    This doctor didn't talk to my nurse to see how I behaved, he didn't look at my statement or sign,
    and he didn't look at my domain to see my letters of encouragement from Ottawa politicians.
    I have my reality, living it, and they have their reality, manufacturing it. Mine is far better.

    See what's happening now, Eduardo? Here I am, confined in St. Catharines,
    and sharing messages with you in Brazil.
    I met a man from Syria and he taught me how to say hello. Mahabar, spelling it how it sounds.

    The Canadian side is fast, strong current, on the outside of the curve of the river.
    The American side is like a park that leads down to a rocky river, almost like a lake, almost.
    In the past, Americans had walkways into the river, one with a watchtower.

    I'm going to do a happy thing and put up a Niagara Falls photo I know I have in the library.
    This girl wanted to have a photo with her and my bike. Her boyfriend took the photos, and one for me.
    I can't upload a new photo, using this public computer.

    Here's some Falls photos, with one of my mother.
    People used to say she sang with a savage beauty.
    Hey! You should call yourself "Savage Beauty".

    What world we walk with.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Delicious Grace-261776-jpg   Delicious Grace-rainbowend-jpg   Delicious Grace-dec101568-jpg  

    Delicious Grace-john-watt1-jpg   Delicious Grace-nightfalls5-jpg   Delicious Grace-sept201622-jpg  

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    oh.... oh.... it's another day, early in the day, seeing some free computer time.
    I did three jig-saw puzzles two days ago, finishing the last one, the biggest one, yesterday.
    The only book left, after the rest were stolen by patients,
    is about Chinese and Japanese in California before the second world war.
    After three chapters I can tell how it's going to end,
    and as someone who knows about the War Measures Act and internment camps,
    I doubt if the details in this "new age" book are going to be more horrific than mine.

    I looked at the photo of my mother.
    That's a black and white photo that's been colourized,
    and it doesn't capture the crystal blue clarity of her eyes.
    My parents were founding and charter members of a Scottish church,
    and she's wearing a choir gown, as lead soprano in the adult choir.
    They hired David Gross as choir master and organist, buying a new Hammond organ.
    Saying Scottish church isn't saying much, as Sons and Daughters of the Gael.
    Our Holy Bible doesn't end at Revelation.
    The next page says "for use in the Church of Scotland",
    followed by The Psalm of David, the next chapter being "Quotations and Paraphrases",
    with an ending chapter "Hymns", followed by maps drawn during the time of Jesus of Nazareth.
    The Psalm of David is the only English translation with the same rhythmic flow as the original Torah.
    Quotations and Paraphrases are taken from the family of Jesus of Nazareth and his relatives,
    when they, and other political refugees, came to our island.
    This chapter ends by saying you can use these to make hymns if you want to.

    As a senior I pay $5 for a bus ride, not $6.
    Catching a ride with my bike to any other city in the peninsula, with free transfers,
    has to be the best $5 I can spend. It's a five minute walk to the bus station for me,
    and I can be dropped off in the parking lot for Table Rock, right beside Niagara Falls.
    That is a little strenuous as an early morning wake-up, but I'm there and ready to bike-hike.

    That misty Lake Erie shoreline photo is more than misty, seeing the sun and water reflections.
    Between Crystal Beach and Point Abino, I'm bike-hiking through this world for over half an hour.
    Hey! I'll look in my library here and see what other photos I can use.
    It's going to be a long day.

    Needless to say, I'll be back.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Delicious Grace-painting-1-jpg   Delicious Grace-falls-10-jpg   Delicious Grace-coats-jpg  

    Delicious Grace-271-jpg   Delicious Grace-243-jpg   Delicious Grace-139-jpg  

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    Oct 2008
    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I could be here to comment on my own photos, I could be, but I'm not.
    Not only is it too close to supper being served, I met a new friend.
    Hiroke, a young man who says his Persian father and Japanese mother met in Canada.
    He showed me a music domain where he has his album cover and tunes uploaded.
    He sings and plays a ukuleile with a friend who plays piano.
    His album is called "Songs of Sorrow", very nice.
    He is very withdrawn, here for reasons unknown to me,
    so I introduced myself and asked if he'd like to see some artwork I did.
    When we came here he asked about Frederik Magle and the music content,
    and then showed me where he was at.
    Life, and those living around you, can be living a life outside of yourself,
    a way of seeing the world through the eyes of others, if you let it.
    His caregiver came over, surprised he was talking with me,
    and she was even more surprised when he said these are songs I wrote.
    Music has a way of cutting through the mind of mankind. I know that.
    I know you know it too.

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    Hello my dear friend John. I'm glad to know you're getting better. I was worried about you (like Mick Jagger says). Really!

    That was a beatiful portrait of your mother. She seemed to be a very classy and elegant woman. People really used to portrait themselves. That's nice to see. Today we don't have it anymore. It's just throw away photos most of the times.

    Your photos... very good, John. You always inspires me unintentionally I guess. Your stories and the way you write always giving good arguments to base your opinion upon. I really wish you well. So you can recover very fast and get back to your daily routine.

    What about playing your guitar? Do they let you do it?

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