Bangalore might be uninhabitable by 2025 say scientists who have been closely studying the depleting ‘City of Lakes’. If you think this read is unrelated, think again, tons of untreated sewage and waste eliminated by industrial and residential buildings is illegally being dumped on the banks of the lake. The components of the waste turn anaerobic, causing methane to form, leading to the ideal disaster that creates fire and chemical froth.

Bengaluru we urge you to take a stand for the environment. Our home Bengaluru needs a united conscious effort to ensure waste is treated and dumped in a rightful manner. At such a time, a globally renowned Grammy Award Winner, Ricky Key, also a local of Bengaluru, is touring with his music Shanti Samsara, an album which propagates Environment consciousness.

The album Shanti Samsara was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande at the prestigious United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Ricky Tej is passionate about music that sends out a message. He collaborated with 500 musicians, across 40 countries to develop the heartwarming tunes of Shanti Samsara.

His videos are impeccably shot in serene landscapes, tracing the freedom of birds, movements of the trees and small pleasures of life. One will often find the stellar Grammy Winner, Wouter Kellerman rendering beautiful flute tunes. Their collaboration is quite special, both Kej and Keller are ardent fans of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela’s ideologies, and have struck their friendship harmoniously, leading to multiple tracks in multiple genres of music.

Kej’s work is dynamic and a combination of multiple genres; he retains the roots of Hindustani Classical and marries it perfectly with the Carnatic music. Both lounge and electronic in nature, but conceived by Indian culture.

Though a dentist by qualification, Kej was inclined to music from his university days, where he got the opportunity to be a part of a rock-band that laid his strong foundation in music. Kej has composed music for several mainstream Kannada films, created over 3000 radio and television jingles, including the signature tune for 2011 Cricket World Cup ceremony in Dhakka, Bangladesh.

Ricky Kej has the talent to fuse Indian classical music with western styles of music, he does it effortlessly. His numerous collaborations point to the fact that he is a people’s person. His album consists of creative song titles like Ganga, Vishwa, Barkah, Kudrat, Kaira, Fitrat and Compassion, rendering environmental awareness.

Delve into a meditative mode as you decode the deep meanings given through instrumental melodies. Away from the loud remixes and raps, Samsara is a breath of fresh air. Just what’s needed!