Xia Xia Zhnag, a classical music prodigy, has done her own violin performance of Franck Violin Sonata Mvt. 2. The song is avaialble for a free download on Noisetrade now at: noisetrade.com/xiaxiazhang/franck-violin-sonata-mvt2. Xia Xia has been traveling around the world with her violin performing for a wide variety of audiences. From a distinguished scholar at Royal Academy of Music in London, to Doctor of Musical Arts at age 27, she has been awarded numerous prizes all over the world. For her earlier career in China, her name had been listed in the Chinese Musician’s Dictionary for Child Prodigies (1996 Edition), when she was 9.

You can check out her music on SoundCloud at: bit.ly/Xiaxia-Soundcloud and stay up to date with more upcoming performances on her website atxiaxiazhang.com. Check out her new video on Youtube at: youtu.be/Iib1fvzplOU, it’s already gotten over 2k views!