And elderpiano, I'd like to double your comment, and tell Crimsoncrow that was a very interesting reply.

Crimsoncrow! There are Sons and Daughters of the Gael who speak Gaelic, pre-Scot natives.
That's the language of the Garden of Eden, the first tribe to flee Roman oppression and move up north.
Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you.
My mothers' older sister remarried in Canada after her husband died, and she married Joseph Csuka, a Hungarian man.
I have many Slavic friends, a community of them here in the Niagara Peninsula,
but as soon as I saw Thracian I knew what you are saying.
Look at what can only be called a long, unpleated kilt, that long skirt with tartan, even tatar, squares.

Scottish people are other people from the mainland who came to our island to leave the Dark Ages behind,
and the Holy Roman Empire and their Inquisitions.
When other people came over to take away what they had, they fought back and united as Scottish people.
This small island has absorbed a lot of ancestries and did repel the Roman and Holy Roman Empires.

I'm sitting here typing and humming along with the song from above, it sounds so natural for me.
And it wasn't a battle song, what my father would put on Sunday morning to roust us up for church.
For us, bagpipes are a weapon of war, meant to stir the blood of your enemies,
and if you heard them, you know your blood could be shed.
The first time I heard "Amazing Grace" played with bagpipes I knew something was changing in the world.
Now I feel sad, because that's when our ancestral pipes come out to be played by a Master Piper.
Clan funerals.