Funky Fusion Jam 1 - Backing Track with solo-demo and explanation of the scales used

To improvise on this Backing in the key of D Major I was moving mainly on the Dorian Mode of D Major E F # G A B C # D E
Apart from that I also came out some melodies that I developed and repeated in different places and I also tried to put some more jazzistic things
Generally, what I always pursue when improvising on any base is to do something that could seem like a pre-composed theme
Sometimes I get it and sometimes I do not, but I always have a great time letting myself be carried away by thatadventure of improvisation
If some of you make a jam on this backing track, it could be very good that later you upload it to this post and share it with everyone
Greetings from Spain and I hope you liked the initiative

The house of the seven windows - Funky Fusion Improvisation in D

Funky Fusion Guitar Backing Track in D - 124bpm - The house of the seven Windows

Best Regards