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Thread: Anyone here blood type AB+/- A- B- OR O-?

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    Lightbulb Anyone here blood type AB+/- A- B- OR O-?

    Hey peeps,

    I found out that some musicians such as Mozart is blood type AB- and Bach is o-, or at least thats what some websites and books say. But these blood-types are pretty rare, there are only 1% in the whole world that's blood type AB- and only %4 percent is AB+! and about 4% is 0- Personally I'm a AB+ blood type. Our blood is only on the earth for a thousand years, but we're almost gone, extinct! If anyone nows more about musicians with rare blood types please tell me!



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    My Mum is AB and my Dad is O so I'm one of the two.

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    Your blood type is O.

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