Our songs made with Audient iD44 and Apple Logic Pro X

We are very happy with this recording system that we have been using for a short time. The Logic Pro X is mysthetic and intuitive software and the Audient iD44 responds perfectly without altering the original sound and providing a very warmsound thanks to its converters, and when mixing, the Audient iD44 creates a very natural and harmonic sound landscape .If before we took 4/5 hours in the mix, now we do it in 2 hours getting a result that does not change in other speakers.
Our main microphone for the voice is a Rode K2
We do not use external pluggins, we only use those from Logic Pro X that are of sufficient quality for us
To mix we use the Yamaha HS7 monitors

We will be putting more songs so that you can see how our sound is improving

Best Regards