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Thread: What happens when you connect the guitar to the mic input of a TC voice processor?

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    What happens when you connect the guitar to the mic input of a TC voice processor?

    What happens when you connect the guitar to the mic input of a TC-Helicon voiceprocessor?

    The guitar is connected to the DV Mark amplifier and the XLR line output of the DV Mark
    connects to the microphone input of the TC-Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme

    Best Regards

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    Hi John, thank you very much for your so kind comment. Life runs very quick, and now, when years are so heavy, every day we are grateful to have the material with which we work, material that we have been acquiring little by little over many years and with a lot of effort to do what we like most, to share what we understand as beautiful music or poetic music.The photo of the lake is beautiful... Yes, the world is wonderful despite those who want to erase it. Be well John.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    onacarom! It's with much anticipation that I finally see a longer reply from you.
    I keep commenting about your videos, and say I want to record myself playing along with them.
    What you are saying here is very meaningful, and has the same resonance as your music and videos.
    You're saying poetic music, and that says it best.
    I saw Jimi Hendrix in Toronto, wanting to make all that noise, going through four Marshall stacks from 1970 to 1977.
    I also saw George Benson, Herbie Mann, Elvin Jones Trio, shaping my jazz and classical influences.
    But now, I want to be symphonic-electric,
    saying I can make the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and play like John Coltrane to Nicolo Paganini.
    No-one around here disagrees.
    I'm the only musician in this city of over 60,000 people who gets paid to sing and play guitar.
    I bought a used Stratocaster copy, converting it to be left-handed, and a new BOSS portable amp.
    That's my acoustic guitar substitute.
    Seniors around here grew up with "classic rock", so I can really take requests and rock it out.
    I'll turn on the amp for feedback, not touching the guitar, and use my waist to wipe the strings,
    along a parking meter, or a womans' purse, depending how, uh... suggestive I can get.
    I'm writing songs, keeping them for myself, waiting for the day I get another band together.

    I was given a digital camera by a sign customer, taking photos on long distance bike-hikes.
    I have been playing guitar and doing artwork all my life, since I was a child,
    so tripping around the Niagara Peninsula on my custom, chiropractic bicycle,
    is not only amazing, being outside for one or two days, but good for my back.
    When I said I wasn't going anywhere riding his exercise machine, with his help,
    I paid a welder to change a bicycle I bought so it's like the chiropractors.

    I have a lot of questions I would like to ask you, about your music and video partners,
    but I'll let you be who you want to be here, and so far, that's more than I can keep up with.
    I just want to say again how much your music videos penetrate my consciousness,
    and help me drift away... drifting... on a sea of forgotten heartaches...

    You have never used sugar maple leaves, red, darker red, even purple.
    Beavers will pack sugar maple leaves into a corner of their den,
    and after a long winter when they have fermented, they'll eat them.
    I'm using a red maple sugar leaf theme for my new left-handed guitar.
    I was a sign-painter for a while, and still have the same industrial paints and chemicals,
    so it should look professional and last a long time.
    I had someone sell me a Gibson 345, the gold plated model, as new, for $325.
    He thought he was helping me, seeing me play one onstage upside-down left-handed,
    but that guitar was owned by the guitarist in the band.
    I said I have a friend I could sell it to for the same price, and that's what happened.
    The "roto-sound" knob really worked well. I don't think your guitar has one.
    I use a 1972 DiMarzio P.A.F. Humbucker for leads, with two 1972 DiMarzio Fat Strats for rhythm.
    With all three pickups on, the picking and volume range is perfect for finger-picking.
    Here's a photo of my cherry Strat, and one with the BOSS amp.
    I'm not using my computer, just photos in the library here.
    Here's one of a plastic guitar that was given to me, and it does sound good.
    That's my first semi-solid-body guitar, with an ebony neck and 24 slanted lefty frets.

    A fret on the humbucker and middle pickup give me four octaves on the G,B and E strings.

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    Many Thanks!!!

    Very Nice Guitars!!!

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