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Thread: Not Fusion or Crossover, a Trans-Video of me jamming along with a video

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    Not Fusion or Crossover, a Trans-Video of me jamming along with a video

    It was alcaponedudu, Eduardo, a musician from Brazil,
    who first inspired the thought in me of jamming along with his YouTube video.

    I was having an onacarom concert tonight, watching six of his poetic videos in a row,
    when I finally wanted to get up on this global stage and jam along with his song.

    With my BOSS Katana portable amplifier off to the left,
    my computer speakers up above the screen, off to the right a little,
    and the camera sitting at keyboard level on the right hand side,
    the mix sounded good to me, but on the video I'm a little too loud.

    Watching a band set up, hearing their first song at sound checks and onstage,
    can tell you more than watching the final set or finished product.
    That's as much an excuse as it feels like a rush wanting to see how it looked.
    So here it is, my first YouTube video of me jamming along with a YouTube video.
    That's a trans-video, over-lapping my video on top of another,
    and being trans-Atlantic, trans-continental,
    and considering I'm jamming over an onacarom video, that's trans-celestial.

    No copyright fraud intended, as this is a new intellectual concept for everyone,
    here at
    From South America to the Niagara Peninsula to Denmark.
    Who could have con-figured on that?

    I got lost when the break happened.
    I should have figured out the chords for that before I started recording,
    but getting the camera, the amp and my guitar together,
    took long enough, having the song in my head and not wanting to lose it.
    It's still there... in any language...
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    This could be an interesting thread for me, jamming along with videos on

    If anyone could explain how to embed a video so it shows here,
    that would make this a much better thread to see.
    I just tried to embed for another posting and it didn't work out.

    I will be moving my Altec Lansing powered bass speaker system beside this computer,
    using a new extension cord and side table I just bought.
    I will use a camera stand so that the video I'm jamming to is easily seen.
    It's one thing to be called up onstage to jam along with a band,
    but it's another to be using a professional video as a backdrop to jam with.
    I will try to figure out the music beforehand so my playing is more coherent.
    Just like being onstage,
    you never know who's in the audience.

    Am I being psychic?
    Do I sense an urgent expectation of me jamming along with the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle?
    oh... oh... that was just me... yeah... maybe I'm in the dark... not my playing...
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    John, to embed a vid you have to click on "quote" of any post with a video and you can see how to proceed.
    Thank you very much for all your deep and kind comments on our music videos. Mora Amaro La Loba is my wife, we are married since a lot of years (I think maybe 40) and after a lot of serious health problems of both, finally, she is doing her own songs and music, songs with which I collaborate playing my guitar.
    Our English is not good, her English is not good, but she has decided she has no time to lose and makes the lyrics translating her poems to the English language as she can. She is learning a lot and thinks she is going better...... Be well. Marcus

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    onacarom, Marcus! As much as it has taken for me to start making YouTube videos playing electric guitar,
    I've been waiting for a reply from you. I'm very happy to see you are accepting of my attempt.
    With a name like Mora Amaro La Loba, I would have married her as a mail-order bride.

    Please, if you want to show me some lyrics before you start using them,
    I'd be more than willing to offer suggestions about using English.
    In a way, I don't think that's necessary.
    Your way of thinking, of feeling, doesn't make your use of English improper,
    it gives it a feel for your language. Your English could be compared to "hip-hop" English,
    where words are used that are supposed to be reflective of their club culture.
    I'd be disappointed if you started spelling like starz and moonz and other thingz.
    I never have. And I've never gotten into the bling.

    I can't imagine how you can come up with your videos.
    If I was just seeing four or five as your output for one year, I'd think that's it.
    I'm just a word processor who likes doing photos.

    I sent Krummhorn, an admin here, a private message about my domain use.
    I told him about getting a new side table I can set up my powered bass speaker system on.
    I bought a new computer extension wire so I can plug them in close to this screen,
    and I can set up my BOSS portable amp between them, so I can hear a better sound mix.
    I was asking if making a new thread where I'm putting up videos of me jamming to your videos,
    was a good use of this domain.
    I know that the more postings you have the more photos you can use,
    but I know nothing about doing videos.

    Thanks for your "click on quote" advice. I've never tried that before.

    I first ran for mayor to complain about a crime family of fourteen children.
    The first girlfriend I just began dating after high school was a drug-overdose gang rape victim of theirs.
    The next girlfriend, two years later, the love of my life,
    was drug-overdosed and gang raped by brothers of the same family.
    They wrote about what they did to her on the blackboard at her high school the next day.
    Her father was a press foreman at the newspaper, how they took that over.
    I never did get married or had children, and that's what life really is.
    I'm serious about my comments, and you're saying they are deep and kind.
    This is just me, sitting here alone at night, not as lonely as I could be.
    Being married for over forty years, as you are, is the life I always wanted.

    This inspires me to share a possible song title for you.
    My parents had a very old, and big, etching from a castle in Scotland.
    I say castle, that's what others call the big stone community houses they built.
    They were drafty, and big tapestries would be hung when the air was too cold.
    It showed an old couple sitting together, outside their cottage, holding hands.
    Their pets were all around them, their garden off to the side, a church up on a hill.
    Their white hair looked the same, their happy faces looked the same,
    as they were looking at the wedding ring on her finger.
    This artwork was called "When This Old Ring Was New".
    I can see you doing a song about that.

    When I talk with friends about you and your videos,
    I say you're from South America. Can I ask where you really live?

    Something tells me I'm going to try another trans-video tonight.

    I could say be good, but you're great already.

    as always, John Watt
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    our lives are linked together,
    as our fingers interweave,
    the love we share will never die,
    as our souls drift like autumn leaves.

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    Your story is very sad. There are people who say that the hardness of life makes you strong but we believe that it is a lie, you survive yes, but with something dead inside although evidently, the part that resists is worth much more than the one that did not resist.
    We are Spanish, from Madrid, and we live in the countryside, very close to the city but far enough from its stress.
    We had a lot of fun that you thought we were South Americans... It will probably be by the name of Mora Amaro La Loba, a surprising name for a delicate woman but who reveals her spirit.
    The image of the elderly couple you describe is beautiful. You have your loneliness, what makes you your own friend and we have our love but we are alone, you have friends, we do not, our agoraphobia has isolated us from contact with others, we also have the fear of losing each other In an inevitable future... However, we are aware of the great mystery of the beauty of life and that everything good is free.
    Be well.

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    I've been just staring ahead, thinking, a long time, before I try to reply.
    After seeing so many movies and documentaries, I almost feel like I've been to Spain and Madrid.
    I just watched a movie about Napoleon Bonapartes' military take-over of your country.
    It featured Spaniards who fought with the French and others who fought with the British.
    A local meth-house was recently raided, and I went over to talk with a security guard.
    He said he was Portuguese, and said Portugal and Spain were one in the past, describing that break-up.

    "The part that resists is worth much more than the one that didn't".
    It's not nice when someone peels off your outer layers of soft skin,
    and what heals underneath can be a toughness that shields you, or dampens you.
    I'm not here to analyze you based on seeing what you say about agoraphobia,
    and I'm more than inspired by your poetic videos, but does that mean you can't play with other musicians?
    I take it for granted that you would be successful live entertainers, as well as recording artists.
    The inevitable future, let me share mine with you, what my clan does.
    When the pain of life doesn't make living any more worthwhile, it is time to die.
    We stop eating, and end up lying in bed, the transmigration of our souls happening in seven or eight days.
    What makes this very important is a loved one being there, sitting beside, holding the hands.
    When the spirit rises, you feel it rising up your arms and filling your chest,
    and as it rises through you and up, you can be looking at a corner of the ceiling,
    thinking she's there, he's there, knowing they are there, even if you are holding the hands of their body.
    Feeling that energy, securing some inside yourself, is the spirit of our clan, my family, keeping that alive.
    It is very tiring, even if it is a healing strength, the power of love.

    I would use some moves I first saw Richie Blackmore do with Deep Purple in 1971.
    He would hold his guitar up in front of his face and aim it at you like a sword,
    and stomp across the stage on his heels like a flamenco dancer, while he played guitar.
    I started doing that right away, and if I was pointing it at you,
    it would be to push you into using some photos of the landscape around you,
    your scenery, where your music comes from.
    If you can upload such wonderful imagery from your own imagination,
    it should be very easy to supply some photos.
    I'm just a word processor who loves doing photos, and I know you can do better.

    There are many South Americans and Mexicans in the Niagara Peninsula.
    Most of the newer South Americans are from Columbia and Guatemala.
    Professor Marshall McCluhan, a Canadian who invented the term "global village",
    predicted that computer use would create migrating populations of displaced families,
    being non-citizens performing labour that affluent societies don't want to do.
    Here in Ontario, there is the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, O.H.I.P.
    If you become unable to support yourself through injury, drugs or alcohol use,
    you get paid a maximum of $472 a month for rent, and $514 a month for spending money.
    That qualifies you for free optician and glasses and free dental, with many other resources available.
    The migrant workers who walk around with their spending money,
    are the people who are smiling and happy to talk, or just singing along to themselves,
    as I do. When Ernesto and his son first came into the store, I said I feel friendly already.
    Now they visit every weekend to share stories about our ancestors.
    I live a lot of my life through other people, and the longer their travels, the further we go.

    The love of my life is still out there, and I feel like I'm growing older with her.
    Many people talk and sing about the love, but it's still a very rare quality to carry.
    Some people, including you, say that the best things in life are free.
    But some Scottish people say pushy people get the best things in life.
    We shall see. Let the running of the bulls begin.

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    onacarom! This thread is getting away from my original intent,
    and I'm still not ready to get into jamming along just yet.

    I'm going to uploade this video of some very nice Jimi Hendrix style guitar playing,
    because I have a serious suggestion for you, about this guitarist,
    even if I have only heard two chord videos without any lead guitar playing.
    I'm not saying you need another guitarist for what you are doing,
    but I'm sure you'd need at least two guitar players to do some of what you do onstage.
    Listening to this video, I can sing along, even if I'd play it a little bit slower.
    This guitarist also promotes this site.

    Have a look and see if this is close to where you live.

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