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Thread: Sometimes it feels like a family, sometimes it don't.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario

    Sometimes it feels like a family, sometimes it don't.

    Good day, and that's for fellow members, people I share postings with.
    My online presence has changed so much this last few days I'm a different man online.
    My main domain about the criminal and political in Welland is offline.
    When I was paying for the annual registration for "", going to be about music,
    the billing employee said she "accidentally" hit a key that deleted it.
    And she couldn't get it back, sending me a "ticket number".

    This has led to a great many exchanges of messages with another ticket number, but nothing has changed.
    A British Columbia friend sent an email with a "bookmarked link" to one of my pages,
    and that works. I can find my domain and all the "buttons" for the pages work,
    just not for the "Title Page" which is the link to find my domain.
    My domain wasn't just deleted, the code for the "home page" link was changed.

    My provider also said the transfer code to get "" back isn't functional.
    I just got off the phone with a new email showing a new code, but I'm going to wait.

    My political and criminal domain was interfered with on election day in Ontario.
    You can imagine how that made me feel, waking up the next day thinking about it.
    I telephoned C.I.R.A., the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, where I am a voting member,
    and heard them say "if you are having difficulty with your provider why not change?"
    They also described an easy way to do it.
    When I called my previous hosting provider about the disfunctional transfer code,
    he looked at the information for my domain and commented on the interference.
    He also said he would send another email with a new transfer code.

    That's like a world of online hurt out there, when is so symphonic with its' functions,
    feeling more like "home" than my own "home page".
    I don't take my membership for granted here,
    truly, if not deeply, appreciating this opportunity to be part of these forums.

    yeah... I'm going to riff off the lyrics to the third verse of "Castles Made of Sand".

    There once was a man whose online got him down,
    'cause he was paying for something that wasn't around,
    until one day, he decided to try,
    so he took his domain to another provider,
    and to his current IP address he said you won't deny me no more.
    But suddenly, a new host he had never seen before,
    made his fingers start to type again,
    and these rates were even annual, and it wasn't as much to spend.
    And so hassles made of send slip into being seen, eventually.

    Thank you, thank you very much, the as-yet-untitled Frederik Magle,
    for being such a good online friend.
    I hope the thought of my putting up a video of me jamming along with one of yours,
    isn't keeping you up at night,
    or making Krummhorn a little uneasy, if not jealous.

    Sometimes it feels like a family, sometimes it don't.-sam_0641-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    It's been a very contentious and demanding time for me online,
    getting into it with my hosting providers, Easy Hosting, with tech in New Brunswick.
    Losing my domain took me out of my domain build account,
    where the previous build device, "Easy Wizard Professional" had been discontinued.
    It was linked to me so I could keep using it as a special account.
    Talking with tech tonight after was republished and active,
    the tech said he would get his friend to re-establish this link so I could keep building.
    That happened while I watched.
    This tech also started talking with his New Brunswick accent and slung the slang,
    something I really like and get into, even if it's against normal company policy.
    He described the various employees I had been involved with during these problems,
    their employment histories, how he worked with some at another tech center,
    so I feel more of an Easy Hosting customer than ever before.
    I didn't think that was possible.
    They activated a character that isn't allowed for email passwords,
    so I feel that's as secure as can be, not changing that for almost seven years.
    They also removed my domain management password from their screens,
    so no-one can see it even if it still works, even more security for me.

    Yes, I was saying I was a new online man after losing my domain presence,
    but that's over.
    Now I'm saying I'm a new member in the sense that I'll be activating,
    a new domain name for music in my life, my inventive guitar, and best of all,
    oh yeah... embedded YouTube videos about me, including Frederik Magle and onacarom.
    For sure I want them to be at my musical party, and I hope they show up to see themselves,
    if no-one else. I can only hope to treat them appropriately and with the admiration they deserve.

    Krummhorn! Krummhorn! Izzat you looking, wishing your happy feet and flying fingers were there?
    You'd have to put up a video I can use before than can happen,
    and it will, if you can call my name, and send me your missing links.
    If we ever started a band I'd call it "Sir Prized" because I'm sure we would be.
    Our album "First Prize" would surely be a winner.

    This is North American content to help orient Ella Beck to my predicament.
    When it came to making up a name for a new band and new music domain,
    I thought of gigster and gigsters, based on the slang word gig as a job for musicians.
    That's such an old jazz word I thought for sure some big band guy from the 30's or 40's,
    would have used that for a song or book title or for his back-up orchestra.
    But no, it went through every registration as a new and unused word, nice for me.
    I wasn't in a band, my guitar had been vandalized and couldn't be played,
    so I deleted that domain, but I kept registering the name to keep it.

    gigsters might sound generic, a gig being a gig,
    but look what beat and Beatles did for them.
    And as an old professional who has seen many band names lit up in lights,
    I know it's best to have an easy one-word name for a band,
    if nothing else, to make it easy to use for signs.
    gigsters to me means a band of pro players who are there to do the gig,
    getting everyone up on the dance floor and jamming out the soundtracks of our lives.
    Yes, we won't be doing any "Scottish laments" because I don't play funerals.
    Actually, I'd avoid Scottish events.
    All the clan activity in my family, weddings and funerals, are very serious.
    We don't eat anything, unless a grandmother dotes on her grandchildren,
    whipping up a dozen or so maple tarts, mincemeat tarts or butter tarts in the kitchen.
    Everyone sits around and plans things out for our families, before we disperse.
    The next time around, I might even say I want to move to Denmark and become Danish.
    Is there such a thing as a maple walnut with maple syrup Danish.
    That's all it would take.
    What would Frederik Magle do if he saw me with a Strat and portable feed-backing amp,
    busking by his office building door? Especially if TINKICKER was jamming me up?
    fretting fingers want to know...

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Oh! I forgot.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Webmail has just been received that says the domain name "" has been successfully transferred.
    That's a real big development for me, and that will make me a new online presence.
    Sometimes something makes me feel like a new member here, sometimes it doesn't.

    I'm painting an apartment where meth-heads were evicted. There was a lot of graffiti on the wall.
    This one got to me.
    "If someone is being friendly with you, they are casing your soul".

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    What's not new for me is break and enter activity where I'm living.
    Everything from poison and drugs in my food, to stupid "get into my head" thefts,
    with stuff being moved around or symbolic items being left on my bed.
    That also includes sexual email and others about buying guns and needing one for my protection.

    Here's a note that was left on my door from someone who works for the crime family I complain about.
    He got out of jail and moved in with a sad woman upstairs.
    He doesn't pay rent and isn't on the lease.
    I've been complaining about him right from the start but police aren't doing anything.
    He started leaving notes taped to the storefront door and this is his latest one.

    This is more insidious than you might think.
    His activity as "property manager" is calling police, fire, safety and health offices,
    complaining about me, trying to get me evicted.
    He knows my name but calls me "John Hendricks" here,
    when so far, nothing has been stolen or vandalized with my musical equipment.

    Being the new me involves trying to get into more computer activity.
    I was able to use "Office Libre" to crop the center note, being part of a note collage,
    but it's an "odp" file that doesn't work here. I'll have to try again.
    It looks like I can do anything I want with this scan with Office Libre,
    from art applications to text blocks, so some usable "save" must be possible.
    I clicked "help" but it said this page wasn't available.

    "Rent Intent Tenant", a new urban song from "gigsters".

    Sometimes it feels like a family, sometimes it don't.-door-notes-jpg

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    It's not a weight, it's not like the walls are closing in,
    it's more of a deep awareness, of where I am, of what I can do,
    but I have to wait. This is new for me, and it's not just a seniors thing.
    When I dropped out of high school, walking away from a university art scholarship,
    at the University of Toronto, and a bursary from Sheridan College, open the first year,
    that was about getting a steel factory job to buy a Stratocaster and Marshall with effects.
    I didn't even know barre chords and had never been in a band or jammed with bass and drums.
    That surprised everyone who knew me, hearing me say I wanted to be a lead guitarist.
    That was fun, compared to how I feel now.
    Other musicians, playing in Welland and the Niagara Peninsula, would phone and ask to visit,
    so they could try a Stratocaster and Marshall and use the effects,
    and some of those visits were very good guitar lessons for me,
    band players showing me parts to songs that I would want to play.
    That was my reputation, having this equipment and playing like Jimi Hendrix.
    A Burlington band playing in Niagara Falls phoned me one day, asking if it was me.
    The agent said their guitar player broke his arm riding his bicycle, yeah, another 10-speed accident,
    when those first came out, having to hold your arms down and be looking down most of the time.
    He asked if I could fill in, practicing during the day, and off I was playing six-nighters around Ontario.
    That was fun, compared to how I feel now.
    And that got me out of Welland when criminals had already confined and drug-overdosed me.

    If that's all that was affecting me now, if my environment was just about music and art,
    it still would be just fun... an adventure, experimenting with new supplies and ideas.
    It's the social and legal responsibility I feel that occupies me inside, what only I can do,
    where only I am within the legal system, that compels my new activity.
    Another summer has gone by, all those festivals, all those invitations to show up and play,
    when that never happened.
    I could say is an outlet, a musical diversion, even a font caprice, but it's not.
    It really does feel like a home away from home more than any hotel or venue room ever did.
    And in my life, back then, I wasn't trying to avoid people or places, always acting like a friend,
    not a rock star or entertainer, but now, here in Welland, where it involves truly depraved murder,
    rape, confinement and drug-overdosing, theft and constant harassment,
    yeah... that's now how I want to live, if you can call this living.

    I don't sit here and stare at this screen and listen to Frederik Magles' music as much as you might think,
    but when I do, it's the only music that pulls me through, seeing one man make so much sound,
    looking through him into the world of symphonic music and instruments,
    knowing one day, if I ever get a new band together, that's how I want to be.

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