I’ve never heard about SEVENTH DIMENSION until October 2018. Anyway, my interest has allowed me to appreciate the breadth of their latest album. The band consists of: Erik Bauer ( keyboard courtesy), Nico Lauritsen (lead vocals), Luca Delle Fave (b/v, guitars) Rikard Wallström (bass), Marcus Thorén (drums). They are skilful performers and the ensemble work is extremely decent. With ‘The Corrupted Lullaby’ being their third studio release, Swedish guys have set themselves a mammoth and ambitious undertaking which they pull off in great style. The monster 2-CD represents the pinnacle of the band's career, and has proven to be exciting. Lots of interesting twists and turns to keep you attentive.The songs are well produced, the sound is well balanced and never irritates. The vocals are polished and textured. The instruments are quite gorgeous, creating expansive musical soundscapes. Time signatures change frequently, followed by quiet passages. In terms of the music, there're obvious references to such groups as Dream Theater, Queensryche, Shadow Gallery, Threshold, Royal Hunt, Kamelot, Vanden Plas etc. Despite that, Seventh Dimension manage to keep the listener involved in the intriguing story. Yes, 125+ min. of material can be rather daunting prospect however ‘The Corrupted Lullaby’ is a digestible symphonic prog-metal album which improves with each successive play.

Seventh Dimension (sympho prog-metal)-seventh-dimension-double-album