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Thread: Is "Prog Head" too retro progressive to be able to comment on new progressive rock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella Beck View Post
    My pleasure.

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    I'm starting to think you two should be taking it into "Members Only", such a lovely couple.

    That's only proof of the confusion I'm talking about, between what is retro and new progressive rock,
    if someone who is musical, such as Ella Beck, who says she doesn't know anything about progressive rock,
    and Prog Head, who writes about it the most, share off-topic comments that they both deride in other threads.
    That's a big gap to be getting together over, but then, in real life, I like getting people together.

    Here's more modern digital musical confusion.
    "Amici", a five piece vocal group who define themselves as "The Worlds' First Opera Band".
    One track is adding vocals to a Rachmaninov piano piece, another takes a female aria and adds more vocals.
    These people are also too good looking.
    Were they unable to make it in their chosen fields of classical music, symphonies or operas,
    ganging up to be as visual as well as musical onstage, a big phenomena of the new millennium?
    I'm just asking to provoke your thoughts, because I've already listened.
    Can an opera be a band, was my first reaction?
    "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and the album "Bat out of Hell" might have been precedents.
    But that was rock musicians aspiring to operatic stage and sound productions,
    not classical musicians aspiring to take opera onstage as a band.
    At least that's what I'm thinking.

    I'm in the Niagara Peninsula, and I scanned the CD I found when I was running the buy and sell store.
    So this is a local/global experience for me, hearing them here.
    Oh no! Just like retro/new progressive rock, local/global is now a new musical confusion.
    I'm only hearing foreign product, not seeing the band onstage. How real/unreal is this?

    Is "Prog Head" too retro progressive to be able to comment on new progressive rock?-amici-jpg

    This is a YouTube video I just looked up so you can have a better understanding.
    I asked if they were too good looking. Now I'm asking are they just too nice as musicians?

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    A couple of new articles in the making.

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