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Thread: Contrary to my contrares, here's a contrabassoon

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    Contrary to my contrares, here's a contrabassoon

    This video about a contrabassoon had a strange effect on me.
    I imagine that goes with playing, maybe even just with owning,
    this imposing, if not impaling instrument.

    I used to date a bassoonist for The Ottawa Symphony and The Ottawa Symphony Orchestra,
    so I know bassoons.
    One of my first thoughts when I started watching this,
    was I can understand why Australian natives who build instruments to get these deep tones,
    don't put any keys or finger-holes on them.
    When you're going for such a deep, rich tone, you want to keep it authentic,
    if not organic, if you want your audience to leave just a musical experience behind.
    Oh no! I'm starting to become oblivious to the tone again!

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    Oh what a beautiful sound it brought tears to my eyes the shear deliciously tenderness of the timbre, the beasts in the field are portrayed so accurately as methane producers.
    Seasons greetings to you John.
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