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Thread: The Beatles - Oh! Darling (Patrícia and Afonso) vocals/piano cover

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    The Beatles - Oh! Darling (Patrícia and Afonso) vocals/piano cover


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    This was fabulous - gorgeous voice, and super piano accompaniment.
    Right up my street!
    Carrying a torch for Classical Music...

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    As soon as I saw "The Beatles - Oh! Darling (Patricia and Alfonso) vocals/piano cover", I thought all right.
    Thinking of the piano part, despite the heavy Beatles production, I could see Alfonso playing it.
    As far as the Beatles vocals, the harmonies, I thought Patricia, with her r'n'b influence, could be better as a soloist.
    I wasn't wrong. This sounds really good.
    Patricia! I'm feeling it, starting to believe you when you say you won't do me no harm,
    but does that include semi-harsh replies here at

    Now I'm thinking you should try "The Long and Winding Road".
    Those roads have changed a lot in the new millennium.
    I'd do some lyrical updates or add a couple of verses,
    after you have been led to "your door". Don't be shy. Go inside.

    I did type some updated lyrics, but I want to legitimize my comments instead.
    When John Lennon got too wasted, he was more of a shouter and screamer,
    sounding angry, even though he couldn't sing like Ian Gillan or Robert Plant.
    That's how I hear this song as he did it.
    Hearing one vocalist with a more natural tone singing with emotion, instead of drama is far better.
    That's one reason I picked "The Long and Winding Road", and as Paul McCartney sang it,
    it could use more of an emotive vocal, when he's more smooth with it.
    And it is more of a piano song than guitars.

    As far as John Lennon singing this song about a woman he can't get together with,
    the song "Jealous Guy" is like that, but for him it has more sensible vocals.
    And that's a piano song too.
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