Hot on the heels of KORNMO debut offering 'Svartizen' (2017), comes their second CD 'Vandring' which should please many aficionados of top notch instrumental progressive rock. This trio project was formed by capable bass guitarist Nils Larsen (a former member of Morild) and his long-time friend Odd-Roar Bakken (keyboardist with Adventure). I simply can't resist mentioning that their tight interactions have been supplemented here by Anton J.R. Larsen who’s responsible for drums and percussion. Rare occasion when a prog-rock combo holds father and son involved together in the general proceedings! Of course, there are plenty of potential pitfalls in any second issue, but a trio from Trondheim (Norway) has managed to avoid them astutely. If you like, it's a natural progression (or the next chapter). The new CD seeks to illuminate the skills and talents in the group demonstrating now a bigger assurance and maturity, especially on the compositional aspects. With a total running time at over 67 minutes, 'Vandring' brings the familiar and distinctive sound, capable to amaze and providing a refreshing feel. Hence, a great set with virtuosity, tight grooves, and impressive musicianship. Each piece segues into the next seamlessly to carry intriguing passages filled with ebbs and flows, while the transitions and time signature changes work seamlessly. This release is a perfect example of the close-knit act with melodic heart, rediscovering and exploring the 70’s roots that flit successfully with a Norwegian folk flavor, albeit retaining an unified, cohesive feel, and features superior performances from all concerned. The most important thing about Kornmo’s style is definitely Odd-Roar Bakken who revels the freedom getting the chance to show what a great keyboardist and awesome guitar master he is. Bass player Nils Larsen is subtle and highly inventive, evidently happy to stay in the background. Anton Larsen complements the melodic splendour - his drums and percussion are thoughtful and intelligent. Having pretty strange moniker that means 'light phenomena', Kornmo offers very impressive and original material; although some influences are evident there. Among of the group's primary heroes must be Camel, Jethro Tull and Genesis, but at times I also think of other pillars, including Focus and King Crimson. To say 'Vandring' is just another beautiful and satisfying release will be an understatement. And I enjoyed this excellent album with a terrific sound featuring lots of orchestration that won't bore at all. From this point of view, better a completely instrumental masterwork relying on beautiful sonic textures than mediocre vocal experimentation. Anyway, one thing for certain: it's a fabulous teamwork that deserves to be heard by a wider prog-rock audience… Whatever you believe folks, KORNMO is a terrific find. And I truly hope their 'Vandring' is just a tip of huge iceberg. RECOMMENDED!

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