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Thread: Today's the Day.

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    Today's the Day.

    It's Freedom Day in South Africa , commemorating the of the first non-racial democratic elections held in the country on this date April 27th, 1994.

    This is an important occasion for South Africa’s indigenous people and various ethnic groups. While Freedom Day is an important day for black Africans, it is also a joyous occasion for all South Africans who value the concept of freedom. Freedom Day is observed as a national public holiday on April 27 each year.

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    The Feast Day of husband-and-wife Saints Vitatis and Valeria of Milan, very early Christians (late first/early second Century) - the former killed after he'd made his faith obvious by showing support and compassion to another Christian. Vitalis was tortured and then buried alive. Valeria was either beaten so severely after refusing to celebrate the Roman gods that she died of her wounds, OR was tortured and beheaded after attempting to give Christian martyrs a ... well, Christian burial. Vitalis and Valeria had two sons,Gervasius and Protasius, both of whom are also venerated as saints.

    The church of SS Gervais & Protais in Paris became the fiefdom of the Couperin dynasty .

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    In two days' time - 15th July - it will be St Swithin's Day. Hope the weather's good!
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