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Thread: What is the best arrangement of the Bach Sinfonia in D (BWV 29) to get?

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    What is the best arrangement of the Bach Sinfonia in D (BWV 29) to get?

    I've always wanted to learn this piece. it is quite possibly just a bit over my head in terms of technical skill requirements to get it up to tempo, but I'd like to give it a go, so rest assured if I do get to the point where I can actually put this all together, guaranteed I WON'T be posting a (slower) recording of it. The continuous right hand 16th notes are definitely navigable, but when you throw in some of the left hand arpeggiated chords and the pedal yet, it gets to be a bit much.

    Right now I have the transcription by Daniel Ficarri, and before that I had one that only had 2 staves per pages and thus had something like 17 pages - also did not seem like a real good arrangement - too watered down in the left hand.

    I have watched many youtube recordings of this and it just appears that there is minimal use of split manuals, and yet this Ficarri transcription makes considerable use of two manuals being that the left hand arpeggiated chords I referred to are often written in such a way that they could not be played on the same manual as the 16th notes. I refer specifically to places like measures 39-40, 53-54, etc. Overall I guess the Ficarri is ok, but it sounds like something is just 'off' when it gets to the very majestic part at m. 130-132 with that lovely melody over the top leading into the Dsus chord.

    What arrangement should I be looking for? Definitely do NOT want what would be the most difficult Most interesting that I've come across an arrangement of it in C. Wikipedia's description of the piece shows an 'autograph manuscript' of it in this key. Even more interesting are two youtube recordings of it being played by Virgil Fox in the key of F (one VERY slow and one VERY fast). Any help and advice would really be appreciated!! Thanks..
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    ) Sinfonia Cantata BWV 29 transcription Marcel Dupré (1886-1971) …maybe a good one even if difficult or

    1. Sinfonia, Cantata No. 29 - J.S. Bach - YouTube
      Sep 06, 2010 · This arrangement of the Sinfonia is based on the Dupre edition with interpolations from the Harvey Grace and Robert Hebble arrangements plus adaptations by Doug Marshall.


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