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Thread: Ready to Learn!

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    Ready to Learn!

    Hi Everyone from VA,

    I have decided to pick up a musical instrument, most likely a ukulele or harmonica. I want to expand my music knowledge and ability, and find the right instrument. I believe now is a great time to learn and grow with music in some form to play for myself or for others. I greatly appreciate any help I receive!


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    Welcome to the forum!

    It's never too late to learn a new musical instrument. I've seen beginners in organ starting in their 50's and able to secure church positions.

    To get you started, you can view THIS INFO on UKULELE which shows how to get started.

    Similar advice is available HERE for the HARMONICA which should be helpful.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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    Thanks for the quick reply, and encouragement out of the gate!

    I will post the rest of my questions in the Musical Instruments Forum, there are different types of Harmonica and Ukulele I am finding.

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