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Thread: what are organists getting paid ?

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    what are catholic organists paid?


    I am resurrecting an old thread. Currently I receive $47.50 per service. Are there any other non-salaried Catholic organists out there who might want to share what they receive? I would like to see this amount increased to at least $55 per service. I got over $60 to sub in the Lutheran church nearly 20 years ago!


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    ...I, too am salaried, so I can't break down a per-service for myself at least.

    (New Jersey)

    When we have to hire a supply organist for the morning (2 services, with brief choir rehearsal in between) we pay $ 375. Same for any instrumentalists. (This is more in keeping with Musician's Union Local 802 scale, rather than any AGO guidelines)

    Any funerals or weddings at our church I play at $ 0. , since I'm considered fulltime. A little unusual, but we don't have many of either during the year.

    If I can't do the wedding, we pay 300 for the substitute.

    The above numbers will of course be higher than many other areas of the country, but NJ is a stinking expensive place to live, and thus it's reflected in the compensation.

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    Hi jgirv,

    Thanks for the reply. I have a meeting with my priest tomorrow to discuss compensation issues. I think the thing that has disappointed me the most is that, after several $5 increments - from $30 - $35- $40 - $45 over the course of a few years, then the most recent increase (two years ago) was to $47.50. This leads me to believe that the incremental raises are pretty much near the end. So, we'll see how things go. I do realize they are paying more than one organist, but still I think the overall pay rate is less than it should be.


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