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Thread: Fun And Interesting Classical Music Quotes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miz_ai View Post
    very funny and inspiring quotes!! i'm gonna serach for more
    never think to do this before.. XD

    it's really nice to see your effort, manuel! very nice quotes ^^
    You're welcome. I really like those.

    Take a real look at the flats and sharps, we're composing a lot. * (Izmirliev)

    4th french horn: - Maestro, are we going to play the 3rd movement?
    Conductor: - What ? !
    4th french horn: - Because I was told that when we play the 3rd mov of this work the audience falls asleep.

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    "One walks into the sea, gradually loses one's secure footing, and finally surrenders oneself to the elements without reservation: one must swim." Nietzsche on his contemporary music and the "infinite melody"

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    "One hapless society matron tried complimenting Eileen Farrell at a reception in her honor with, 'My dear, you reminded me so much of Kate Smith.' The comparison so rattled Eileen that she blurted out, 'Well, kiss my ass!' and stormed out."

    "I believe richness is like love in the
    theatres and novels. No matter how often one encounters it in all
    shapes and sizes it never misses its target if effectively yielded."
    Giacomo Meyerbeer.
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