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Thread: My Gorgeous Spanish Friend

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    My Gorgeous Spanish Friend

    When I was young, I really wanted to marry a Spanish girl because I find them sexy and striking. Back in college, I had a Spanish friend who introduced me to this beautiful girl. She was really friendly and very nice even if that was the first she met me. To tell you honestly, I was so quiet that time because I did not know how to react in front of her. She is so gorgeous and her smile is so sweet. These words are really understatements of how she really looks like in person.

    My friends were teasing me already to court her because according to them it’s evident that the girl also liked me. However, even if I really liked her, there’s a certain part of me saying that I should not court her. Probably, it is my instinct that is telling me that we’re not going to click as lovers. So, what I did was I maintained my friendship with her and you know what, until now we still communicate and talk about our own families. Now, she’s married already but we remained good friends. She even invited my whole family to visit the different beautiful destinations in Spain.

    Exploring Spain » My Gorgeous Spanish Friend

    Well, I'm planning to go there by next year. It's gonna be very exciting.

    Have you guys been to Vienna? I've never been there yet but definitely, this lover's paradise is one of the places I really want to visit someday.


    Real Lovers' Heaven in Vienna

    Forget Italy; it's not the only place where you can search for real love. There's a beautiful city found in Austria that will make you want to walk in the clouds while you continue to search for that fitting moment. Vienna is a cultural paradise in Europe with sophisticated infrastractures and refined urban living, which fascinates more tourists and even lovers to travel the lovely country of Austria...

    Travel Austria: Real Lovers' Heaven in Vienna

    Hello there, guys!

    Every city has its famous landmark that serves as its symbol. For Moscow, nothing exudes the true Russian architecture than the Red Square. Don't be fooled by the name, for it's not even red and it's not even square.


    If Beijing has the prominent Tiananmen Square and New York City has Times Square, Moscow has the famous Red Square.

    Considered as a famous destination in Russia specifically in Moscow, Red Square consists of many legendary and notable buildings. Accordingly, one prominent buiding here is the Lenin’s Mausoleum, the place where the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin’s preserved body can be found. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is a known and distinguished leader in Russia because he initiated the Soviet Union establishment.

    Exploring Russia » Let’s Tour the Famous Red Square

    Personally I find Mikhail Gorbachev more influential because he brought down the Soviet Union.

    When I first traveled Spain a few years ago, my sister had me try these very delicious buns. Throughout our stay in Malaga. I ate nothing but those brand of buns. I even ask for the recipe of those special breads.


    When you travel a thousand miles away from home, nothing else can relieve your grief than a sight of wonderful Spanish senoritas. Striking and fascinating, they are true fancies to the eyes. But after a rigorous adventure, another satisfaction for the eyes and the stomach are Spanish breads. Nothing else can taste as refreshing as these velvety buns. The great bunch you'll get in a local panaderia or bakery stands.

    Spain Travel Tour: Crisp and Mouth-watering Local Spanish Buns
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    hellow amira:
    its a very good and intisting story
    however i would like to know the date you met that beautiful girl and when you have got married?
    some time we need to have a girl to look at as a meaning of beauty, but not to make love with her
    i also inderstand your attitude
    you kept her special to you all the life

    you have took me back to the time I read "Gabreal Garsia MArquise" i hope i wirte the name in correct spelling i just remember now "Vermina Datha" as she continued as "symbol of love" to "Flourintino Aritho"
    sorry I read this novle translated to Arabic therefore the names will not be written correctly
    however i like your story
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