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Thread: Pipe organ construction

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    Pipe organ construction

    I'm looking for a German/English speaking expert on organs and their construction to help with the terminology of a book I'm translating from German into English. It concerns the prototype of a new kind of "expressive" organ.

    Is there anyone out there who might be able to help?

    If so, please send me an email to: [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Magrot (new member who's never used a forum site before and hope's she's got it right!!)

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    Hello and welcome Magrot

    Might I suggest you post your questions in the pipe organ forum here as well, seeing as how they`re pipe organ-related? You might get more responses from organists there.
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    welcome to Magle International Music Forums, Magrot!

    I hope to see you around. As rojo mentioned this post really belongs in the pipe organ forum, so I'm moving it there.

    Kind regards

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    Organ Dictionary

    You might want to consider adding Wilfried Praet's Organ Dictionary to your library. It's a very extensive multi-language dictionary for the translation of organ terms.
    Link :
    Organ dictionary
    Messy website, but it's all there.

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    Seconded: Praet's dictionary is a must for every serious organ translator.

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