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Thread: Organ Music at Weddings - new CD - Hooray!

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    Organ Music at Weddings - new CD - Hooray!

    Hello fellow organists!

    I was browsing the web and came across a 40 track classical organ CD called The Organised Bride. The website was Wedding Music, Wedding Band Music, The Organised Bride CD- Wedding Ceremony Music. It seems to be a new release and it has lots of wedding music on it. I have ordered a copy.

    Would anyone be interested if I reviewed it when I get it? Are we allowed to review CDs on this forum? Anyway, I was really pleased to see a classical organ CD of wedding music - about time!



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    Hi Johnmorrison ... welcome to MIMF

    As one of many colleague organists on this forum, we are always open to learning about new music for weddings and other services that are suitable for playing on the king of instruments.

    Perhaps your CD review posting might reach more people and render more responses if it were placed on the Music Reviews section of Music Forum catagory.

    We welcome hearing more about you as time passes.
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