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Thread: Sir Malcolm Arnold dies...

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    Sir Malcolm Arnold dies...

    Even though he probably was most known for his film scores ("The Bridge over the River Kwai" amongst others), he did write "classical" music, like symphonies, ballets and operas, so I've decided to place this thread here and not in the Soundtracks forum.

    Here's a BBC's article: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Composer Sir Malcolm Arnold dies

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    Sad news indeed. I`m not all that familiar with his work, but the world losing a composer is definitely a bad thing.
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    I started a thread on Northern Sounds on him. Until the weekend, he was for me the greatest living composer and the most important influence on my own approach to composition , someone who had a real melodic gift and clear, effective harmony and orchestration. Above all there is real depth of feeling which is not obvious at all to those who only know the more publicized lighter works. Try something like the 7th or 9th symphonies or the string quartets and you will see what i mean. The only possible good thing to come out of this is that perhaps, finally, his music will start to be played by leading orchestras (he's often been popular with amateur and youth groups but that isn't enough)

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