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Thread: Suggestions for other music forums

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    Suggestions for other music forums

    I wondered if I could make a suggestion about introducing a few more categories or forums on the site. I know that there is a general music area, but wondered whether you wanted to consider having sections for more popular and modern music such as:

    * rock and pop
    * rap, house and hip hop
    * indie music - e.g. Arctic Monkeys

    and possibly an area for solo artists such as K.T. Tunstall, James Morrison, James Blunt.

    All of these types of music are popular, but I have some difficulty in knowing which forum is the most appropriate for them.



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    I'd agree with that Museo.

    The forums are a little specialist and would be seen by a lot of potential posters as exclusive. I can post on pretty much any music forum because I like so many styles of music but I would like to post on other styles even if it is just as juxtaposition with the other music discussed: Christina Aguilera against Jethro Tull is an interesting idea.

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    Well, personally I find there are already tons of music forums that cover those topics; I like the specialized nature of this place. It makes this place, well, special. Besides, anything not fitting into the specific genre forums we already have can go into the general music debate forum, including all you have mentioned. Just my opinion.

    Btw, Aguilera goes in general music, and Tull goes in prog rock.
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