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Thread: Can musical artists cross over from one type of music to another?

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    Can musical artists cross over from one type of music to another?

    There have been examples over the years of musical artists such as Sting, Elvis Costello and even Tom Jones trying out musical types for which they are not best known.

    Do you think this works?

    Did Robbie Williams manage to pull off Swing music when he sang "Mr Bojangles" ?

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    Of course they can and your examples are all good. It can work even at lower levels as the old punk bands did Reggae and Funk; Blondie did disco and rap; Midge Ure was in a boy band (Slik), heavy rock (Thin Lizzy), Punk (Rich Kids) and electronica (Ultravox).

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    A good example


    Of course there have been a lot of artists who changed their options regarding the music they want to produce and this happened because of the time who passed between their first album and the songs from now. Check for example Christina Aguilera, who, in 1999 released her first album, named, simple "christina Aguilera" and compare now her songs from her 2000 album "Mi reflejo". A big difference is also regarding her lyrics, as you can see if checking , along with a lot of other singers lyrics.

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    I have to sing all kinds of genres. No problem for me when I love the music.


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    If the person loves music and able to sing, on mine for him should not be a problem to sing any style of music. Also it is possible to tell and about different languages, for the good executor should not be a problem in what language he sings.I know Russian executors which perfectly sing and in English
    I hope you will agree with me

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    Even the "non artist" professionals have to change gears, so to speak, in our everyday music jobs. I do that every Sunday in my church position - I play for two very high liturgical worship services using organ and choirs, and then have to switch genre's as I play the piano with a praise team that consists of drums, electric bass, tambourine, electronic keyboard, etc). It's been a very wild un-traditional change for me, but it's kinda fun to 'go wild' sometimes.
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    Absolutely!! I have done so myself many times--even on the same CD.

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