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Thread: Listen to that please

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    Listen to that please

    Hello everybody I'm new here. I have a big problem : 2 weeks ago I downloaded a video about Ayrton Senna death that has a wonderful soundtrack.Unfortunatelly I didn't find informations about that. I believe it could be kind of a movie song but I don't know anything else. I looked for Hans Zimmer, James Horner ecc ecc but nothing. This is the link where you can watch the video. The music starts after the accident scene. YouTube - Ayrton Senna Fatal Accident- Distance & Tribute

    Help me please.
    Thank you

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    It sounds familiar, but I can't nail it down just yet .. A tragic video though.
    Hopefully someone better versed than I can put a title to this - I now would like to know, too.

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    Could this be something by Max Richter? Hang on, we`ll ask XFER!
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    Thank you so much Rojo!

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