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Thread: Movie "The Fountain" soundtrack

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    Thumbs up Movie "The Fountain" soundtrack

    In this wonderful film by instructor Darren Aronofsky, the music is half the experience, as it provides the link to the expression of the heavenly wedding at the end of the movie

    Clint Mansell ( has written the music performed by Kronos Quartet and irish band Mogwai. The movie premieres around the 25th of November in the States, with release dates in Europe early next year.

    Here is a link to "Death is the Road to Awe" - from the movie's miraculous ending:

    This post at the IMDB provides almost all the links regarding the movie one could want:

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    I'm liking the songs they have up on the myspace for the soundtrack. I just hope that if I do like it, and should I buy the soundtrack, that its not like Clint's soundtrack for Requiem for a Dream with the 20 second long songs every other track. But I don't mean to whine. Thanks for the link.

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    The Fountain Remixed

    Hey thought some of the good folks here might be interested in a new website set up in conjunction with the film, The Fountain. The score for the Fountain was done by former Pop Will Eat Itself frontman, Clint Mansell, and to promote the film you have the chance to remix the lead track off the album as well as create your own video to go along with you personal score.

    Just follow the link and let your creative juices flow.

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