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Thread: whats worth buying?

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    whats worth buying?

    so what records do you REALLY dig? lets compile a list of favourite albums (or favourite tracks?) - might give us some inspiration next time we are buying/downloading music

    Here are a three favourites - from the top of my head
    Colosseum - Valentyne Suite - really outstanding musicianship, particularly drums, but some fantastic guitar too. Brilliant album
    King Crimson - Court of the Crimson King - probably a favourite of all of us
    Hawkwind - In search of space - had some great times listening to this. Space rock at its spaciest

    I'm not sure if we can step into psychedelia in this forum, but if so, heres another two
    Aquarian Age - 10000 words in a cardboard box - hard to find but probably one of my alltime favourite records
    Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity - Road to Cairo - check this youtube clip
    Just LOVE that organ tone - and theres some great bass playing buried deep within the mix. Brian Auger was a fantastic organist!

    What are your favourites????????

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    I'll stick to one per band to avoid overkill..

    BACAMARTE - A depois do fim
    CAMEL - Mirage
    DREAM THEATER - Scene from a memory
    FOCUS - Hamburger concerto
    GENESIS - Selling England by the pound
    GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR - Lift your skinny fists...
    HARMONIUM - Si on avait besoin d'un 5e saison
    KAYAK - Merlin, Bard of the unseen
    MARILLION - Script for a jesters tear
    NEUSCHWANSTEIN - Battlement
    PINK FLOYD - Wish you were here
    PORCUPINE TREE - In absentia
    RIVERSIDE - Second life syndrome
    SHINGETSU - Shingetsu
    YES - Close to the edge

    For starters....

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    Well, as usual it's impossible for me to list absolute favorites (because I find various qualities in so many albums/tracks). However, I can list some of the albums/tracks I recommend. The list is of course far far from complete, but it's a start:

    Just on top of my head:

    • Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1992). I especially like the "Romeo & Juliet" track (based on Prokofiev's Ballet). I think the Albert Hall live version is even better than the one on Black Moon, where it first appeared.
    • Emerson, lake & Palmer: Emerson, Lake & Palmer. It's easy to forget their debut album from 1970, and sure, it may be a funny mix of different elements perhaps somewhat lacking a red line, but it also contains moments of pure genius and should definitely be included in any ELP collection!
    • Yes: Close to the Edge (1972)
    • Yes: Highlights (1993). Yes, I know it's a compilation album, but I specifically recommend this album to start out a Yes collection (this was the first CD I bought with Yes, and since then I have got most of their albums). Of course it's always best to get the original albums, but we all gotta start somewhere, and as compilations go this is actually a quite decent one.
    • Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (1973)

    Could go on, but gotta go Anyhow, those were just the first that came to my mind in no particular order.

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    Steve Hillage--Green
    Steve Hillage--L
    Gong--Angel's Egg
    Gong--Flying Teapot
    Oresund Space Collective--It's all About Delay

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    Well you guys have mentioned a lot of great songs and bands there but just bringing things right up to date I would suggest that you all look out for the forthcoming new album by Magnum. I think it is going to be called Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow, although I am not entirely sure? I think it is due out in March sometime and judging by their last few albums it is certainly one worth buying!

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    Great thread, though much to my despair Frederik has already picked off the top two or three albums that were on my list!

    Any live ELP material is definitely worth a buy, and if I recall there are a few nice remastered versions knocking around of their earlier stuff. You have to hunt a little, but the results are worthwhile. It's not for everyone, but if you want a definitive Progressive Rock collection, they should be your first port of call.

    I'm still working on which Genesis album(s) I'd include - time to go through their discography I think!

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    Sir Frederik and Cobalt, absolutely spot on in your recommendations of ELP. Nice posts indeed; I was privileged and lucky enough to see ELP in 1970 at Carnegie Hall perform their eponymously named first album and a bit of their second--Tarkus--and shall cherish this memory till the day I die. Thank You for these posts!
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    Camel - Moonmadness
    Camel - Music Inspired by the Snow Goose
    King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King
    Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets and Wish You Were Here
    Eloy - Ocean
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