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    Freddie is the only famous person that, when he died, I came close to actually mourning. Locked myself in my bedsit with two bottles of Bulgarian cabernet sauvignon, put the headphones and listedn to every track I had.

    'Unique' is a word that is frequently over-used. But he was – and Queen were.

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    I can say that the group was in music art. They also did some rockabily
    with Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I like rockabily. The music reminds
    me of Memphis Tn. with Elvis and the rest of the sun records gang.
    judy tooley

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    Queen is one of the greatest bands of all time. Freddie Mercury was one of the few front men who understood how to have fun and truly command a stage. I also think Queen is hard to label, but the one that I've heard that seems appropo is Symphonic Rock.
    Jeremy Neal

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