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Thread: Searching for Inspiration

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    Searching for Inspiration

    Hi all, I'm a student searching for inspiration. I want to write and get things out, but I haven't found the right path to do that yet. I think this will help.

    I have been playing the piano for 10 years now, the viola in an orchestra for almost 5 years, the ukulele for 3, the guitar for 2, and I bought a banjo for Christmas.

    Help me do this...

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    Hi there Darth


    Have you written anything yet?
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    Welcome to Magle International Music Forums, Darth!

    There is much to learn from reading and participating in these forums, and I hope you will find help here. Looking forward to see you around

    Many kind regards

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    Hi Darth

    Welcome aboard to ths forum.

    Have you tried any form of improvisation at the piano keyboard or the other instruments? Sometimes inspiration can come from an image or even another tune. I have to improvise something every week in my church position - mainly as a filler to keep the flow of the service intact. Often thos musical thoughts turn into a much broader piece and I eventually get it transcribed into written notes on my notation software program.

    Keep us posted on your progress
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    Kh ~~.

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