I am planning to add a new major feature to this forum, in a way turning it it to a full-fledged internet publication.

Right now, members can get their music reviewed and commented on by other members - this will of course continue. But I think the time has come to add more "official" reviews as well. Reviews that will be published by Magle International Music Forums in a dedicated section, and written by one reviewer, just like reviews printed in news-papers, etc. (other members will be able to comment, but the review itself will be written in article form).

All members (no matter their post-count) will be able to submit music for review, and this will be done invisible to the public so only members of the review team can see what has been submitted and decide if they wish to do a review.

And this brings me to the review team: we need one!
Here's the requisites to become a reviewer:
• You need to possess knowledge and understanding of one or more musical genre (obviously), and be able to write as "objectively" as possible on the subject.
• Your review must be signed with your real name or its initials (e.g. I could sign a review F.M.)
• You must have time to do at least one review per month. However, you are free to decide which "tracks" and/or albums you would like to review yourself from the list of current submissions.

Reviewed music can be rated with between 0 and 6 stars, but in general only music deemed 3 stars (average) or higher by the reviewer will be reviewed and/or published. I don't see any point in butchering people's creations in public, not on this site anyway.

So, anyone who would like to become an official reviewer on Magle International Music Forums, please either reply in this thread or send me a private message!
Hope to find at least 4-5 reviewers to begin with to get this started.

Best regards,

PS: Reviewers will also get a fine "Reviewer" badge on their profile, just like "regulators"