I'm not sure where to put this thread, so I'm sticking it in "General" just to be safe. It is a question about classical form, but in reference to a non classical piece of music.

The track Reflection by Tool can be found here.(I apologize for the poor audio quality -- I had to downsample the file to get it to meet the upload restrictions of the site)

This track sees the bass playing an ostinato with the guitar varying and developing themes over it. The percussion plays an almost harmonic role, counterpoint to the bass, with the guitar completing the polyphony. After the introduction, the track seems to follow the form ABACAD... which would make it a Rondo, no? However, the themes that would have to be considered the Episodes aren't contrasting, they are developmental(can they be both?). The vocals seem to segregate the track into three distinct sections, almost phases. Now, the developments aren't based on key, so it can't be considered sonata form, but the phases seem to have similar intent. What I'm hearing ends up being (AB)(AC)(AD) with the parentheses indicating the phases.

What I'd like to know is if my take is way off on this. Am I completely mistaken in trying to identify this music with classical form? I'm not a composer or music teacher and would really appreciate a more knowledgeable assessment of this track if anyone has the time or inclination.