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Thread: Bach cantatas

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    Bach cantatas

    I listen very much to the cantatas of Bach, and I wonder which cantatas you think are the best of Bach.

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    That leaves a lot of marvelous territory to choose from! This will probably turn into a long list, so I'll just suggest two that jump to mind:

    #4, Christ lag in Todesbanden. The opening chorus is a thriller.

    #29, Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir. Not only the delightful (and famous) Sinfonia, but the chorus that follows, which also turns up in the Mass in B Minor.

    More nominees will be forthcoming, I'm sure...

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    I find it really hard to say which JSBach Cantatas are the best. I really adore them all. Each one is a diamond in it's own right. Sorry if anyone feels put-off by my endorsement of all the Cantatas. JSBach is me mate



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    Ich will den kreuzstab gerne tragen

    These two are my favourites, but frankly I love them all!

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    What exactly defines a cantanta? If this is one then it is my favorite, but I don't know...

    It's Gent Mir Meinem Jesum Wieder

    Edit I don't think this a cantanta, it's only movement

    but could explain what a cantanta is?

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