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Thread: Reality TV shows chosing stars for musicals

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    Reality TV shows chosing stars for musicals

    There seems to be an increase in the number of reality TV shows on British TV shows at present. One recently was looking for the next "Maria" to star in the Sound of Music in the West End of London. Unsurprisingly, although the winning candidate had an excellent voice she could not cope with the number of shows required per week.

    There are now two other programmes planned, to choose "Joseph" and the cast of "Grease". Can real talent come from such shows?

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    I question where the "reality" is in the so-called reality shows. No matter how "normal" the premise, the presence of cameras, etc. will take away any sense of reality.

    As to the real question (I know I got off track, but that is one of my pet peeves), I think these types of shows could perhaps provide real talent, but that would not provide entertainment. As a result you will find people chosen that will keep people tuning in for the laughs, or whatever; these people will often lack the talent needed to suceed.

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    Interesting question as I have only recently started watching thse programmes. It does seem that the judges are looking at this point anyway for people who will make the masses tune into the TV each week, but they admit themselves that the amount of actual talent is pretty scarce so are not trying to fool anyone.
    From what I have heard though the Maria role last year was given to someone with real talent and I guess with these new shows they really need to make sure the roles are given to people with true talent as the cream will at the end rise above everyone else.

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