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Thread: Deep Purple

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    It looks like I'm still into the Purple after what, fifty-one years.
    Just to show you more of where I'm coming from with Deep Purple,
    here's a video of one of their first hit singles and a show I went to watch at a friends.
    Did you ever think you'd see Ritchie giving his guitar to Hugh Hefner?

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Okay! I had to look around for a long time, getting to the bottom of the YouTube page, yeah...
    trying to find this video I heard over two years ago.
    This band represents my favorite contemporary version of a Deep Purple song.
    That's because this is where I'm at, walking around with a beater Strat and a portable BOSS amp strapped on,
    getting paid to play live as a strolling troubadour.
    Look at these guys, out there in the light of day playing for a street, or family, audience,
    when it never was like that with Deep Purple.
    A year after their version of "Help" came out, they recorded a live concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
    Eventually, Ian Gillian did a duet with Luciano Pavaroti during one of his concerts.
    They got a little funky and went through a lot of band members, Deep Purple being a big business.
    And fifty years later, Ian Gillan was back touring and putting out a new Deep Purple album.

    I don't see any extension cords on the sidewalk, thinking these guys are battery powered.
    This was recorded in Santiago, Chile. I'm wondering who rode his bike to the gig.
    For a Deep Purple song, these guys are very very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    When Highway Star first came out a lot of bar bands started playing it.
    I never did, not being a motor-head and thinking it was too hard rock.
    Stryper is doing almost a note for note version, following along with it all the way.
    The guitar has more distortion than Ritchie, but that's only natural for the new millennium.
    Ian Gillan had a softer sound with a little more tone to his voice, and he could shout and scream,
    but that's what's making me want to decide which one I like better, more about the vocals.
    I don't know if I'm hearing studio trickery or there are two guitars, but I like that better.
    Stryper has always used two guitars. As for covers, yes Highway Star is done very close to the original, but here is a very different cover of Earth Wind and Fire's Shining Star :

    I'm not seeing Stryper as heavy metal, but then this is just a cover, not hearing any originals.
    This is more into the metal end of things:

    Even more with Michael Sweet (Stryper front man) and Todd Kearns (Slash):

    Now for Deep Purple, here is a song that I always loved and the radio NEVER played. Love the opening riff on this on.
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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    Florestan! You got me going on a musical journey here.
    I bought "Deep Purple in Rock" after I saw their public rehearsal in Toronto.
    The bass player in the only hard rock trio I ever had lent me his "Burn" and "Stormbringer" albums,
    where we got more Deep Purple songs to do. Of all those songs, I still sing "Sail Away" to myself.
    In a previous comment, when I said Deep Purple got funky, that was about "Sail Away".

    If I heard "Never Before" I forgot, but as soon as I started listening,
    I could hear the beginnings of Deep Purple funk, reminding me of "Sail Away".
    That's when I went to get the YouTube link to that, sad to say it's just got an album graphic.
    I looked at other lives ones by former members, but they weren't good enough.

    Deep Purples' "Sail Away" had a synthesizer solo we all thought was lame,
    and that instrumental passage ended with some over-dubbed guitars, leading back to the vocals.
    Considering the heavy bass and drums, I would let my guitar start feeding back after the vocals,
    and then we'd start riffing off like there was no tomorrow, easy to do in E minor.

    If I remember Stryper at all, it's from seeing them in Rolling Stone and guitar magazines,
    never having an album or seeing them live around here.
    They come from the era when a lot of American bands didn't want to cross the border in to Canada,
    so you might be seeing them as a band in a way I never could.
    If American bands weren't playing live in Canada, they wouldn't get their music on the radio here,
    unless it was an American owned station, and as a bar band we listened to local stuff,
    just what people wanted to hear.
    Deep Purple is very popular here, Canada always being their biggest sales market and for tours.

    Right away, I'm thinking Stryper must be more of a band than I would imagine,
    if they're doing Earth, Wind and Fires' "Shining Star", and they pull it off very nicely.
    You can only say "Shining Star" is an r'n'b or funk based song,
    so it didn't surprise me that "The Valley" had a slow, for hard rock, funky groove,
    almost like "Sail Away" and "Never Before".
    That was a nice video, a lot of artistic imagery, and they really are out in a desert,
    maybe even Death Valley. Stryper wasn't afraid to get their message out,
    at a time when a lot of people found it difficult to get past the hard rock vocals to hear the words,
    especially if it was anything to do with being a Christian.

    I've been saying hard rock because that's how I'm hearing them,
    but "Bizarre", with the front man coming out with his own band is more heavy metal.
    That's more about the drumming than changing the guitar style.
    One of the comments says he's 54 years old here, looking and sounding very good,
    so he must be following his own message in real life, something that gets my respect.

    I don't know what it is,
    but seeing a grown man with long hair all dressed in leather,
    hopping backwards with his feet together and arms held up,
    always got to me, just one of those stage moves that grabbed your attention.
    That's another thing I liked, seeing the band moving around and having a good time.

    I listened to "Burn" and was thinking, wow, we used to do that... I sang it... wow...
    Considering what the new burn is in Ontario, legalized marijuana,
    maybe I could slow it down and give it a slower burn,
    where she's giving you some heat that isn't burning down your entire landscape.

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    Welland, Ontario, Canada, mid Niagara Peninsula, between Great Lakes Erie and Ontario
    I think this video doesn't need any of my comments.
    Just the fact that it's here as new music says it all.
    I gotta say the guitars do look ordinary without the stripes.

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    John, Cool I got you turned on to Stryper. They always considered themselves a rock band not a "Christian band" and don't care for that label. The Church gets all over them for what they are doing but they have reached a lot of people with God's message. My brother, a guitar player in a band (he was into all kinds or rock from the late 60s to death metal), and I sent him an album many years ago of the Daniel Band (Run From the Devil). He said it is cool how they can convey the message without being in your face with it (as in Bible thumping street preachers I guess).
    Here is a good Stryper link besides their official site: and here is an article on how they got going

    Back to Deep Purple, one of my favorites is this song (hey, another one off Machine Head--that is my favorite album of theirs):

    Love the harmonica part on this one!
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