Hi folks

I wonder if anyone can help - I have to do a presentation at Uni for the following scenario:

"You are managing the production of a specially commissioned film score"

It also says:

Your presentation should be creative and informative and include an overview of the project in terms of fundamental issues - creative, financial and practical resources and also in terms of the business issues – copyright, royalties, contracts and licensing opportunities.

Ridiculously, they have given us practically no guidance in this, and try as I might, I cannot get hold of the lecturers - lectures have now finished. I do have resources to hand on copyrighting and licensing and all that, but I'm finding it a little tough to know where to start on this one. I'm picking up a couple of books from the library tomorrow.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest any good resources to help me tackle this, or make any suggestions?

I'm not even clear on whether or not we are to invent a hypothetical scenario, or to model it on an existing real life film score, or what. I guess either interpretation would be acceptable.

Anyway, if anyone had any constructive comments to throw in, they would be much appreciated.