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Thread: Saint Saens Organ Symphony No. 3 in C minor

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    Saint Saens Organ Symphony No. 3 in C minor

    I heard somewhere that this was originally written in D or some other key, and that Saint Saens transposed it down so that the biggest pipes on the organ were used for the last bit.

    Anyone know anything about that?

    Many thanks

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    AFIK, the original work was written (1886) in C minor. In the poco adagio part of the piece it does resolve to D flat major, but returns to C major in the Maestoso movement. Saint-Saens was also an organist for some 20 odd years before the Symphone No 3 was written - Hopefully someone else has some contrary information to offer on this subject.
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    I saw this thread yesterday but wasn't sure offhand about the answer. I looked around a bit today and can't find any evidence that Saint-Saens didn't originally write it in C minor. It's hard to imagine that as savvy a writer and organist as S-S wouldn't start out in the key that uses the pedalboard to its full extent.

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    Did I also read somewhere that chronologically speaking, this wasn't actually the third Symphony he wrote but the second? Or have I remembered incorrectly and am just hopelessly confusing the issue as usual?

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