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Thread: Hello, nice to be here!

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    Hello, nice to be here!

    Hi all!
    My name is Andreas van Haren. I was born in Holland but live now in Sweden since 2003. I studied classical piano and composition in Holland during the 90's. At the moment I do work that has nothing to do with music, but a man has to make money to live, right? However... I work on my music a lot, that will never change!

    Andreas, van Haren, Sweden

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    Hi Andreas,

    welcome to MMIF - have fun surfin' !

    Looking forward to the posts of you -

    best regards

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    Welcome to Magle Int'l Music Forums, Andreas

    Hope you will enjoy your time with us here.
    Kh ~~.

    Amateur musicians practice until they get it right ...
    fessional musicians practice until they can't get it wrong ...

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