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Thread: The symphonic poem »Cantabile« [mp3 download] (English)

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    Seems for the better recordings with the higher bit rates a good internet connection might be the norm. I use Cox Cable for my internet connection - they are not as good as Comcast by far - many times during heavy use times, my connection slows down to a crawl, something that I never experienced with Comcast. Unable to get Comcast as I live within city limits, and Cox has exclusive contract for all residences within the city - Forget DSL here, its worse than the worst cable, and satellite isn't any better.
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    Amadpianist, let me guess because I have it. Believe me AT&T used
    to have excellent service but their DSL boxes leaves a lot to be desired
    by long shot. Ma Bell isn't what she used to be.
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    Dear Mr Magle,

    I've today listened to the excerpt you so kindly posted above of your symphonic poem, 'Cantabile'. (Bar 299-387). Please, if possible, can you tell me a little about how and why this work was written ? Did you work for a long time on it ? Do you consider it to be one of your best works ? And what was the reaction of the orchestra and of the audience when it was premiered ?

    For myself, this music humbles me. Your music makes me aware of endless possibilities and is wonderfully orchestrated. You have a wonderful gift.

    Thank you so much for the privilege of hearing it.


    Robert (Newman)

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