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Thread: The most "happy" classical

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    Seeing someone mention "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star", kinda justifies my immediate first thought,
    even if that music is more meditative.
    But I have to type that everything mentioned here so far is pre-new millennium traditional.
    The modern includes animated visuals or cinema-photographic content.

    So my first thought is, "The Lollipop Song", from "The Wizard of Oz".
    And as musical due diligence, "Lickin' Stick", by "Howlin' Wolf" should be the B-side.
    Both films take "black and white" to a new "colour" level.

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    mozart's turkish march? everyone likes that one.
    flight of the bumblebee is a good one too~
    super mario's theme song?
    vivaldi's spring (piano version) would be nice too.

    hope that helped =P

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