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    New Age / Fusion / Windam hill /...

    I used to be a fan of some of the Windam Hill stuff (remember them). Some of Shadowfax - particularly Too Far to Whisper, I hated Dreams of Children, also Scott Cousseau. I'm also fond of Pat Metheny, Spyro Gyran, Bjork and some of Bill Lazwell's stuff. I generally like some ambient stuff too.

    It seems so much of so-called new age music has silly nature sounds blended in and is largely simple background stuff. You know, like someone randomly strumming a harp as a whale goes whoop whoop. Not interested!

    So...If I'm interested in music with some technical complexity, fairly heavy on synthesizers and electronics, new agey in a Windam Hill sense, what artists/record labels should I be pursuing?

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    Some of my new age faves:

    David Arkenstone
    Steve Roach

    Not synthesizer, but piano based:
    George Winston
    Jim Brickman (Early works)
    Kevin Kern
    David Lanz

    Saxophone based (highly recommended):
    Paul Winter

    Woodwind and guitar:
    Tingstadt and Rumbel

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    I like early Shadowfax, their Watercourse Way album in particular, because it really resembles a Prog Rock album more than anything New Agey. After Folksongs For A Nuclear Village, I dropped them off my To Buy list.

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