good day, for already some time, a rebosante Juan of optimism I
have been commenting with a smile of ear ear. - "I am going to record
a disc". false I of my, him respondi yet type of parabienes, while it
thought:. (another one iluso that is going to finish desespereado
looking for company). But it mistakes to me. Luckyly, it mistakes to
me. Now, with this disc between the hands, the reason for my error
this clear one:. "excellent melodias, interpretation, and production
forms a short list to which nobody can resist:. contemporary
instrumental music offers some moments that can get to be magicians":.
I have found many in this work. Congratulations, Juan. fdo. JORGE FLO.
The music of Juan Delgado has a rare merit:. the aroma to earth,
something that is not frequent in the sweetened one and eterea
instrumental music that has in the last settled years, and that, by
their lack of emotional texture have perhaps begun has to languish.
"Its disc this fact with the heart, that it is an unusual value, and
there is or breath moved in the compositions that command on the
artifice". Mediterranean felt Latin American echoes, pinceladas and a
light Jazzistico steam are the condimentos. The Melodias is simple and
rich as feelings and it has you seal rythmical substantial and
contained. But it has, mainly, a sincerity that matters to me. "For
that reason I believe in this collection of done pieces by hand and
want to observe the way that crosses east musician parlanchin, true
and something ingenuous, like the certain things". Fdo. XABIER
REKALDE. Juan Delgado has recently composed the sound track of
documentary "All by the sea", narrated by Miguel Bose. He has
collaborated with plastic artists also.