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Thread: upgrade?pc or mac?

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    upgrade?pc or mac?

    Fairly straightforward question.I use protools LE with loads of plugins and upgrades. My Carillon pc is getting to be too slow,so, do I upgrade this pc or to another type,or do I go with a mac,and if so what mac? as I know little about them.

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    According to their website:

    Pro Tools software and hardware are currently not compatible with any version of Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system. For the latest information, check the announcement regarding upcoming support:

    I think most new PCs come with Vista now, so unless you want to reinstall the OS, you should go with a MAC.

    (Of course, if it were me, I'd buy a PC, install Linux, and use Ardour, the FREE equivalent of ProTools).

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    Opting for either is purely a matter of preference ... both PC and MAC have their individual pluses and minuses.

    I stick to PC because that is what I have had the most experience with and favor not having to learn another OS than what I am accustomed to.

    I've heard that for commercial applications the MAC is far better than a PC based system. A family member does lots of Cad/Cam work and lover the MAC - they tried doing that work on a PC and it crashed numerous times.

    I used Linux before and found it to be ok, but not user friendly, but then again, that was in a work environment where not all 'priveleges' are given to normal everyday users.

    My home machine is a Dell Dimension 2400. 80 GB drive, 1 GM Ram, 2 CD drives (one is a writer) and 2.65 Mhz processor. My OS XP - very happy with it - haven't even considered an upgrade to Vista, and not sure I want to. As long as XP is supported, there is no reason for me to change.
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    I agree with Krummhorn.
    For me, PC is the preferred choice, simply because it supports more sofware than the Mac and is easier to upgrade. I also don't wan't to pay 30% extra for some fancy design

    And by the way; what is up with the Apple logo? Why did they choose an apple which is halfway eaten??? Hahaha.... It kind of signals incompleteness to me
    With love,
    Rune Vejby

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