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    Hi all

    I was convinced by a friend to go to a Genesis gig a couple of weeks ago. I was a big fan many years ago but haven't listened to them for a long, long time

    I'd forgotten how good they were. The gig was brilliant!!

    Well worth catching if you get the chance!

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    It sure as hell ain't MY "lucky" country :(
    Lucky sod! I've been hearing good reports all round from various other forums as well. Still no news as to whether they're heading to the southern hemisphere ...
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    Did they do anything from the Gabriel era, like "Watcher of the Skies".

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    Quote Originally Posted by almauro View Post
    Did they do anything from the Gabriel era, like "Watcher of the Skies".
    No, but we do! If you live in LA, you should hear us (note to readers and moderators: This is not a big money-making enterprise but a labor of love. We're lucky to make gas money and get our rehearsal hall money back from club shows!)

    We have a clip of us doing Watcher live on our website as well as other tunes:

    I just saw Genesis at the Hollywood Bowl. Awesome show, but it rained on us! They had to cut Carpet Crawlers from the set!

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    I watched one of their concerts on Vh1 during the eighties. They were
    great! I got to hear some of the songs that were popular.
    judy tooley

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    Genesis is one of the few rock groups that I can listen to. I admire the vocal work of Phil Collins. His work on *Mama* is really poignant.
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    With the exception of the drum parts, the rest of the guys pretty much play the parts as 'written' live - especially Tony Banks. Rutherford's bass lines are not typical - he doesn't always follow the root (probably because he's really a guitar player.)

    I recall listening to Wind & Wuthering - the first Genesis album I bought. I recall looking at that album cover, that tree in the misty distance, and just thinking that the music seemed to sometimes reflect misty, wet, rainy England.

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