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Thread: Newbie - loves baroque especially J S Bach

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    Newbie - loves baroque especially J S Bach

    The heading says it all.


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    Welcome to Magle Int'l Music Forums, John

    Indeed, Bach is one of my favorites, too. We're glad to have you aboard here and look forward to seeing you about the forums.

    Do play an instrument? How did you first come to know and love baroque music?
    Kh ~~.

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    Hi John

    Pretty hard not to love Bach's music, I would think. Welcome here, and hope you have fun!
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    Question Bach

    I have some close favorites like Jesus joy of man's desire and if I'm in
    the mood for it, Toccata & fugue.
    Judy Tooley

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    bach... yes, i like it.started to listen his compositions by listening his 142th cantata's 3rd final mouvement and so...

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    Background to my love of Bach

    I have one complete collection of Bach's works (the 250 centenary one) and about the same number of records again of different recordings. Now my main focus is on transcriptions, such as Angela Hewitt's piano transcriptions. They can be as weird as you like, even midis. The Well Tempered Clavier, for instance, played on guitar sounds great. To me!

    If anyone has any good sources, it would be good to hear of them.


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